Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted August 21, 2014

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Education affects the whole world

The Value of an Education

by giovannimariatommaso

The Value of an Education is not to the action of gloating or boasting,
 but to the realization and action of humility, for the more one knows,
the more one realizes their truth of littleness in this whole-wide world
of millions and billions of people each one desiring their own Niche.
Gumption, bravery, and horse sense, are qualities needed in seeking a
well rounded education for the purposes of knowing and understanding
the ways and wiles of the world.  Knowing facts without understanding,
purporting to wisdom of right choices, is a bogus type of education.
Therefore, seek the hard road to success and freedom of mind, then one
will be rewarded beyond their wildest dreams for there is no short cut
to understanding relationships of knowledge blending into understanding.
The crown of Wisdom by the light of reason within one’s heart is tops!
Now, that the composite consummation of Education is known for what
it is, it should be sought from the interior out, for that is what Education
means: the act of extracting from within and manifesting in the out-side
world what is already in the mind, directed by the spirit of the powers of
reason and intellect for the betterment of the world and all mankind.  To
learn and understand societies and relationships and people is the true
goal of life, not to gain power for destructive, stubborn, and rebellious
rationalizations that lead only to genocides and pogroms and wars.
This also applies to the interior peace of each individual, Peace is a man,
peace is an education, peace is learned, accepted, and put into practice.
Peace has no relation to anything worldly for when pitted against money,
power, pride, or control, an unworldly cowardly alien fiasco transpires.
Every day and in every way we learn something new; wittingly or unwittingly,
let us be in charge and responsible for what we learn and why we learn it.
Let us not accuse or point to something or someone else for what is in our
power to change, to do and to accomplish.  Happy Education to you and yours.


Education affects the whole world for those who have done the most damage in the world have been the most educated, selfishly, brutally, cruelly, so!

The word Niche is used here to mean to stand for a place, a location, a standing in society & in the world.

Educated fools are like manipulated mindless irresponsible tools!
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