Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted August 17, 2014

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Rondeau (Double Rondeau)

The Poison Tree

by Just2Write

The poison tree, it grew and grew -
From whence it came, there’s none that knew.
The tree was source of much debate
of how its tiny seeds of hate 
could spread so far when breezes blew .
But spread it did, that much is true
And no one knew just what to do;
except to stand and contemplate
the poison tree.
Each man beheld a different hue,
To some t’was green, and others blue;
For those that wouldn’t concentrate
The leaves and fruit turned black with hate
that choked their souls, so all would rue 
the poison tree. 
 * * * *
I ate the fruit, I will attest                              
I hesitated, then I pressed;                               
ignoring bells that wildly rung;                       
I pushed ahead to be among                          
those precious few the tree had blessed.       
I felt that I must pass some test,                    
and chose the fruit that looked the best                    
and plucked it from the place it hung -                     
I ate the fruit.                                                 
I felt the poison in my breast                         
Oh why did I, at tree’s behest
pour death’s ambrosia on my tongue
which taste like honey, yet it stung?
I ate the fruit.



Rainbow Eucalyptus
The oil that makes eucalyptus bark and leaves smell so wonderful is what causes illness when ingested. The plant is toxic to dogs, cats, livestock and humans. If the bark or leaves are eaten, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur. If large enough quantities are eaten, it may cause the person or animal to lapse into a coma. Animals such as the koala, which eat the leaves, have developed a resistance to the toxins.

I've never dined on the sap of a Eucalyptus Tree, but thought I'd try a Rondeau about swallowing things that look beautiful (lies etc.) that turn out to be poisonous to the soul.
The Rainbow Tree is a real tree. It's beautiful. Photo is from Google.

A Rondeau is a French form 15 lines long, consisting of 3 stanzas;
A quintet, (five lines) A quatrain (four lines) and a sextet (six lines)

The rhyme scheme is aabba aabr, aabbar

The refrain R is usually 4 syllables and is found in the beginning of the 1st line and is repeated at the end of the other two stanzas.
A classic Rondeau is: In Flander's Field, by John McRae

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