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Grand Operating Design

by Cogitator

The Grand Operating Design

Most people today will be familiar with computers, smart phones and the explosion of technology in society. Familiar, at least, with the uses of such devices. They all work the very same way. They work exactly the same way we do.

Every piece of hardware from smart phones through supercomputers operates the way it does because of Operating System software. Whether UNIX, Windows, or any other operating system, hardware is designed to glean information from its environment by gathering input with its peripherals, processing that input through its Central Processing Unit (CPU) using Applications to produce a desired Output. That is the purpose of any operating system. There are no exceptions.

Our bodies are hardware. We are born with an Operating System that "knows" how we exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen, keep our body temperature between 97 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit, process food and water to create energy, etc. Each organ in our body has a function to maintain the holistic organism alive. Our CPU resides in the Corpus Callosum of our brain and our applications are comprised of our training, our understanding, our indoctrinations and our assumptions. Our physical senses are the peripherals we use to gather input. We are continually activated to produce a desired output for ourselves by processing that input. There are no exceptions.

Everything we are able to observe with our physical senses contains the very same operating system, down to every atom of every form. Every animal, plant and inanimate object contains atoms that obey the laws of the Universal Operating System. Atoms use a valence electron to maintain "equi-valence." The first law of the universe is to maintain Balance. All forms must maintain a balance in their "Comfort Zone" to exist. There are no exceptions.

All observable forms are shedding and sharing atoms by the millions and billions every day. Everything is in a constant state of change. Living things go through cycles of growth by shedding and absorbing atoms as needed for survival. Adaptation to the circumstances of the environment is a must to maintain balance and survive. When an out-of-balance condition is felt, corrective action must be taken to adapt. A sequence of steps to regain balance must be activated to stay "alive."

For trees to grow on the side of a cliff, adjustment of the root system is necessary to remain firmly planted. As the environment changes, forms must execute sequences of adjustments called Evolution. All States of Being activate the Process of Becoming - evolution. Balance and Sequence are the only two laws of the Universal Operating System. Everything is connected in a symbiotic relationship and must obey the rules or become extinct. There are no exceptions.

Physicists are diligently trying to formulate the Grand Unification Theory (GUT). This theory intends to tie all observable elements from the wave/particle (microcosm) through the macrocosm of the entire universe. Once successful, it would define the "hardware" of the Universe.

The software is the Grand Operating Design (GOD) described above. The GUT and the GOD work together to create Awareness. The wave/particle has dual nature, just like we do. The GUT is the particle and the GOD is the wave. The GOD is the truth of Balance and Sequence evolving into perpetuity. It is faceless, formless and totally oblivious to human interpretation. However, our tiny human minds are connected to the Grand Operating Design through the Corpus Callosum of our brain. Dr. Wayne Dyer would call it the Source, Star Wars calls it the Force and Carl Jung calls it the anima.

We are able to create images in our minds because of our brain's Corpus Callosum. The two hemispheres gather input from our senses for us to process into corrective action, if needed. Normally, our left hemisphere processes input following the rules of the GUT and the right processes input following the rules of the GOD. The left hemisphere is digital while the right is analog - one and zero in computer parlance.

If we do not center our minds in the Corpus Callosum (our Point of Balance) while contemplating some decision, we can cause a worse out-of-balance condition. We may suffer con-sequences. Using both hemispheres before making any decision is mandatory for best results. As an aside, when Einstein's brain was dissected, its Corpus Callosum was much larger than the average -- probably from constant thinking about the Special Theory of Relativity.

The Human State of Being

Humans are the only life forms that challenge or ignore the laws of the GUT and the GOD. Imaginary values, mindless activity, glorification of the body, unfounded belief and selfish desires are the norm for the average person. Although the truth is evident in every form, it is conveniently ignored for the sake of instant gratification and socializing with those who agree with what we think. The lords and masters are well aware of the weaknesses and are quite adept at making people perform unnatural tasks. Brainwashing, addiction, hypnotism and the like can make people react to suggestion much like Pavlov's dog. Television "programming" is just that.

Weak minds are gathered into flocks, countries and cultures for better control. Religion and politics are used to maintain balance in the herds. Religions sway the right hemisphere response and politics attack the left. Meanwhile, the powers that rule create corporations that can channel more money (power) into the direction(s) they choose. Fear of death or punishment of both physical and mental balance move herds into their corrals before a revolution occurs (sometimes.)

Corporations are reflections of the human body and follow the rules of the GOD. They have no substance, so the GUT does not enter the picture, even though physical structures do house the personnel.

Our heart pumps blood through our arteries and veins just like the General Ledger pumps money through its departments. Each department in a corporation is akin to each organ in our body. Corporations use a Balance Sheet of assets and liabilities and an Income Statement to determine corrective action necessary for survival. We have a Comfort Zone and resources to keep us in balance. Our Corpus Callosum is reflected in the Board of Directors. Incorporation is simply the creation of an imaginary body.

Corporate directors pretty much run civilization today. Profit, greed, power and control is what they try to balance for themselves. They are in cahoots with politicians and religions to maintain their survival by using the "divide and conquer" principle. They intentionally create out-of-balance conditions in the population to move masses into one direction or another. One potential reason for close elections is that the ads hyping one candidate are quickly countered by the opponent. Politicians want to maintain control, so it does not matter to them who gets elected. It only means that the voting public is ignorant. Until a mass awakening occurs, this State of Being will continue.

Mother Earth will decide if we are worthy of living on her body. Balance of Nature will always survive, even if humanity doesn't.


It is the realization that all our atoms are sourced from the body of Mother Earth (Gaea) that will make us wake up to the fact that our bodies are created by her and from her. Our human form is comprised of her atomic dust and into her atomic dust we must return. The Grand Operating Design also operates her, as well as the Solar System, the Milky Way Galaxy and the entire universe. We are created in the image of Gaea, not some anthropomorphized and illusory father figure.

Many people place emphasis on the body and are suckered into glorifying it for the purpose of filling the coffers of the ruling class. If we were to collapse the electron ring in all the atoms of humanity, the seven-plus billion humans would fit on a postage stamp. We are a lot of space, basically. If we did the same to Mother Gaea, she would be the size of an average orange. The point is that, until the emphasis changes to the truth beyond the material, there will be no great advances towards understanding.

Our brain has two hemispheres for a reason. For any communication to occur, we must interpret both Frequency and Amplitude of vibrations that strike our body. Our left hemisphere is digital while the right is analog and this is what creates our Time and Space concepts. When we feel with our physical senses, we seek to identify what we sense and evaluate whether or not the source is worthy of our attention. We think. For a deep understanding of the thinking process, "The Laws of Thought" by George Boole is quite good. Gaea also uses the GOD to survive and create life on her body.

Gaea's hemispheres meet in the Mideast. The vertical line from north to south runs very near to Mecca. On the western side are the digital thinkers and the opposite side is the analog. The West writes from left to right with letters, teaches individualism and worship of money. The East is communal, writes from right to left with symbols, and teaches unity and enlightenment. Both Arabic and the Kabbala are combinations of letters/symbols. The Mideast is where Gaea's Corpus Callosum wants us to meet and agree. We indeed are created in the image of our body's creator -- Gaea, and we share the GOD with her.

Traditions, superstitions, lies and false beliefs

To iterate, in our brain, the Corpus Callosum is where we think about our feelings and feel what we are thinking. What makes sense matters and what matters makes sense. It is the conscious, creative center of our being, our balance point, just like an equal sign. We are always seeking balance naturally, but politicians and religions keep us "off-balance." This is done by indoctrinating lies into innocent and/or ignorant minds. Traditions, myths, propaganda, fantasies, faith and belief all contribute to polluting human minds. We must break the chains formed by isms in order to see truth more clearly.

Civilizations that existed thousands of years prior to the birth of Jesus were far more enlightened than the so-called "civilized" First World of today. Native Americans knew that all life was connected and gave homage to the spirit of their food. They knew we came from Gaea and also knew that the GOD resides in all forms. Australian aborigines, Toltecs, Inuits and many other "natural" civilizations all connected with Gaea. They all suffered greatly, some to extinction, from "Christian" invasion. The destruction continues. It is all caused by the human ego. The reason this continues is because individual egos can band together to create group egos, normally called herd mentality. Until the shell of ignorance is broken, killing will continue, despoiling Gaea will continue and the cancer of egoism will cause suicide of the human species.

The human ego is an independent, artificial mind we can call the "IAM." It attempts to survive outside the laws of balance and sequence. It is created by experiences, indoctrination, information, false beliefs and values and a misunderstanding of itself. It is able to reject truth and create lies. It does serve a purpose. It allows us to navigate through our human existence. The problem occurs when we allow it to drive. It should always be a passenger if we are to solve the problems it has created. In order to tame it, we have to understand it. The IAM can be very stubborn in relinquishing control. Until more people seek to understand what truly is and what the source of their essence comes from, suffering will go on.

Change is necessary. It will not be initiated by those who slavishly follow the ideas of Fiction, Fantasy, Fairy tales and Folklore. (They would get "F" in any school.) Until more people acknowledge truth and remove false ideas and beliefs, we will continue to kill and die.

More to come.


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