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When Children Smile!-Contest Entry

Bonnie and Turtle Blue

by michaelcahill

Bonnie and Turtle Blue
                                             by michael cahill
As turtles go 'twas plain to see
he took the steady, patient way.
The days slipped by without a rush.
He pecked his egg 'till freed one day.

The sand was warm; a nap seemed right,
but turtles 'round him now ran fast.
Loud squawks, shrill shrieks and awful scenes,
claws scooped some up as he ran past.
Swift through the air he flew, then crashed
on landing hard, he tripped then fell.
His tender shell was bruised and scratched.
So new to life- sad tales to tell.

His fate was dire, the gull took aim.
His eyes closed tight in trembling fear.
The sea would never be his home,
his life so short, its end seemed near.

       Young Barry Blue so loved the sea,
       those turtles scamp'ring fearful quick,
       while seagulls swooped in fierce pursuit.
       (His sister Bonnie thought him sick.)

       Her heart bewailed the turtles' plight,
       but thrilled for luck enjoyed by few.
       Some reached the safely splashing waves,
       those few lived long and there they grew.

       She knew that boys could just be boys.
       (Her Brother Barry not exempt)
       If only she had legs that worked,
       she'd cheat those gulls and intercept.


       The drama soon was to unfold
       So helpless... soon he might be dead.
       She lunged- the gull plunged downward swift,
       its beak hit, SMACK! right on her head.

       If gull's could speak, it would've swore.
       It flew away for softer prey.
       Her friend's eyes blinked- they'd won the war!
       He thought, Oh yes! She yelled, "Oh yea!"

Her father then came runnin' fast
and snatched up Bonnie wet with sand.
She smiled and laughed and clearly gasped,
for something wiggled in her hand!


Said Poppa, "Did you plan this, Child,
when diving face-first to the ground?
Is Blackbeard's treasure in your hand?
What in the world could you have found?"

"Oh, Poppa, it was life and death.
Attacked- was my good friend… right there!
That grumpy gull dove for the kill.
I had to show my friend, I care!"

"But, dear, his wounds are long and deep.
His hope is slim to none at best.
It's nature's way dear, it's so sad,
they run for life right from the nest."

"I could not run, you carried me;
and now I carry my friend too.
And what was done by you for me,
now for this orphan… I will do."

With time she helped her turtle heal.
His shell grew strong- her legs grew too.
They bore their scars with heads held high.
With what they had they just made do.


Her father now could see him grown-
a yearning soul that must be free.
He sadly told her, "it's now time,
your friend should be let go to sea."

Four years since rescued, both now back,
just Bonnie and her Turtle Blue.
She walked along, much stronger now,
and she knew what she had to do.

She placed her Turtle Blue on sand.
He slowly walked along the beach,
his once scarred body strong and healed.
They'd learned what friendship had to teach.

He plunged into the sea and swam.
He turned and looked back at the shore.
She waved then forced a smile and she
thought, I won't see him anymore.


              The years passed by, she learned to dive
              with stronger legs into the sea.
              She loved to find strange mysteries.
              Her heart would tell her what to be

              While diving one day air-lines snagged,
              while sharks kept rescuers at bay.
              They screamed, she struggled down below-
              it seemed like death would call this day.

              Her helpless friends cried up on deck,
              commotion overtook the deep.
              A turtle rescued her, somehow.
              They flew through sharks, now, straight-up steep!

              She held on tight… sea churning wild,
              the surface soon breached on her steed.
              A turtle scarred right on its shell,
              her Turtle Blue, a friend indeed!

While hungry sharks fled in defeat,
in victory two souls flew free.
Two hearts that knew the simple truth:
*true friends are friends eternally*


When Children Smile! contest entry


My first children's story. I hope you enjoy!
This is iambic tetrameter (8 syllables per line)
the rhyme scheme is called
a "long measure": abcb
I hope the pictures don't distract.
I love pictures with stories!

I have a couple weeks for you to help me with my iambic tetrameter! Mercy...
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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