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Sarah learns more from Karen about Mary Ellen

A chapter in the book Enough to Miss Christmas

House Guest

by Fridayauthor

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.

Sarah assumes she is pregnant but her husband is away and unaware. Karen is befriending a pregnant school mate, hiding her from a parent seeking to abort the baby.
     It felt good to snuggle down in the love chair again; good for both of us I suspect.
     “Shoot,” I said. “Out with it. After tonight I can take anything.”
     “Honesty-secret?” Karen asked.
     “Cross my heart. Spill it.”
     “They want to take Mary Ellen’s baby and she wants it to live.” No surprise there. Maternal impulses trump the practical but what she said next was a surprise.
     “She knows she can’t raise a child but she wants her baby to have a good home, and not be murdered.”
     “You two talked about this?”
     “Yes. She didn’t have anyone else who would listen.”
     “Do you know where Mary Ellen is?” I asked, exposing myself to God knows what legal shit. What the hell, I’d soon have Thatcher Wright to protect me.
     “I don’t know where she is, right this very minute.”
     “Come off it, Karen. That shit might work with Sheila-the-bitch but it doesn’t hold water with me. This is honesty personified.”
     “You’re swearing; that means you’re mad. If I tell you, you might get even madder. I know you won’t like what I say.”
     “Maybe, but I’ll still love you and I really have to know.”  Woof plodded into the room and after doing a three-sixty, plopped down on our feet.
     Karen took a deep breath. “Mary Ellen spent the weekend in my bedroom.”
     God! I’m harboring a fugitive minor! I tried to speak calmly. “Is she still there?”
     “No. She snuck out back when she saw her mother and Buddy coming with the police.”
     “Did she break into our house?”
     “No. I told her where to find the key when I knew Daddy and Timmy were gone. I know I’m in big trouble, but it isn’t fair for them to take her baby, and they will if they find her.”
     “Where is she now? I know; you don’t know exactly, but guess.”
     She snuggled closer and whispered. “Hiding out back; probably in the barn.”
     “It’s cold out there.”
     “If I flip my bedroom light three times she’ll sneak back in.”
     It was my turn to sigh. “I agree she should have a say about her baby, but she can’t have her child in your bedroom!”
     “It’s only for tonight.”
     “Flip away,” I said. “I don’t want to actually see her.” Karen was gone a moment or two, then returned to the love chair.
     “There’s more?” I asked. “You have a plan?”
     “I was going to call Thatcher and ask him about places where Mary Ellen could have her baby. I wasn’t going to involve him, just ask him for information.”
     “Well, I saved you the problem of contacting him yourself by beating up the baby’s grandmother and getting sued.”
     “May I ask Thatcher about places like that when he comes?”
     “Why not? Only, please don’t tell him Mary Ellen’s hiding under our roof. I’m giving you permission to lie blatantly about it, just to keep my ass out of doing ten years hard-time. Who else knows about this?”
     “A lot of girls; Julie and Annie for sure, only they don’t know where she’s hiding. I had to lie and tell them I didn’t know exactly where she was; only that she was in contact with me. They’re trying to raise some money for her.”
     “I didn’t think any of the girls liked Mary Ellen.”
     “She’s kind of a jerk and she was stupid to mess around with Swifty, but everybody feels sorry for her now. They feel especially sorry for her baby.”
     “Perhaps Mary Ellen could convince her mother to allow the baby to be born, and then placed for adoption. That would solve a lot of problems.”
     “That won’t happen,” Karen said with unblinking conviction.
     “Why not? It sounds reasonable. Sheila probably thinks Mary Ellen wants to keep her child and, as the grandmother, she’ll end up responsible for raising it.”
     “No. That’s not it.”
     “There’s more?” I asked.
     “It’s supposed to be a secret.”
     “You don’t make it sound as if it’s a secret that should remain a secret.”
     She thought a moment. “I guess maybe it shouldn’t.”
     “Time to put trust to the test, if you haven’t already exhausted it.”
     A deep sigh. “Buddy won’t let her baby be born. He’s afraid it’s his.”
     That fucking son of a bitch! If he were here I’d rip his balls off and stuff them up his nose! I exhibited remarkable restraint in not saying that out loud.
     “How long has that business been going on?”
     “It started almost when Buddy moved in with Sheila. Mary Ellen was thirteen.”
     “Does Sheila know what’s happening?”
     “Mary Ellen thinks, maybe. Sheila knew Mary Ellen and Swifty were doing it. She bought her pills. She heard Buddy laughing on the phone about Sheila’s daughter giving it away and she ought to be generous closer to home.”
     There was no way I’d be a party to releasing Mary Ellen back into the hands of her mother and that son of a bitch! Let the bastards sue me.
     “That’s not a secret worth keeping,” I said. “I wished you’d told me sooner.”
     “I just found out. That’s why I let Mary Ellen stay here. I wanted to tell you.”
     “You did wrong for a very good reason, Honey,” I said. “It’s time for me to do the same. We’re both in hot water together and this just turned up the H faucet.”
     “May I sleep here tonight?  My bed’s not big enough for two.”
     I lent Karen one of my shorty pajamas which she modestly donned in my bathroom while I slipped into a flannel night gown and put out the light. I heard the soft pit-pat of feet on the steps and a door open and close down the hall. When Karen slid in beside me, we kissed good night. She bent over and kissed my belly over the covers.
     “Good night little sister,” she said.
     God, two pregnant females in a house that was sterile just weeks ago.

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Enough to Miss Christmas is a family love story, about sisters, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, parents and children. Foremost, it tells the story of a step mom and a precocious young lady and how they bond in spite of overwhelming odds.
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