Horror and Thriller Fiction posted June 29, 2014

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The Scent of Darkness

by michaelcahill

Darkness protects us from seeing the things we would rather not see. How like an ostrich we look with our head in the sand while our bright red bottoms invite a swift kick. Now, you think a candle lighting a room in the dark is the persona that will move me… or entice me perhaps. So, you perceive warmth within me somewhere. Interesting. I have projected that to you, yes, with empty gestures and mannerisms. I have learned to brush your skin lightly. I know to touch your face when I kiss you.
Lance mused to himself as he sipped his drink. He frequented upscale bars in search of companionship. He liked a particular kind of girl. He liked a girl that appreciated a gentleman. He liked a girl that didn't think she was a gift to men. He liked a little insecurity. He liked to be the man that could make a woman feel better about themselves. He was attune to what a woman looked for in a man. He spied a woman that fit the bill. A nervous looking man had joined her in conversation.
I can see that the buffoon that speaks to you now, knows none of these things. He doesn't know quite where to put his right arm, so he dangles it as though it is without a bone in it. His smile is too big with too many teeth showing and an unseemly display of decaying gums. EEWWAAACCCK! EEEWWAAACCK! Is that what you are saying monkey boy? Time to make my move.
"Dear, I'm sorry to be late. Thank you sir for keeping her entertained. I'm Lance." Go ahead monkey boy, take my hand and shake it.
"Uh… hi… hello. I'm Jerry. I was just talking to… uh…"
"Dear, tell your friend your name."
"Ah, it's Maria." she extends her hand.
Jerry shakes Maria's hand, releases it and stands there watching as Lance escorts her away.
Lance and Maria sit at an empty table.
Lance speaks, "I'll leave as soon as that bothersome gentleman takes the hint and goes away. I don't mean to be so presumptuous, but I could see he was bothering you. I hope I'm not out of line."
Maria smiled, "No, you read things perfectly. You don't have to leave though, unless you are meeting someone. We could share a drink."
"Oh, that would be lovely." He moved his chair a little closer, but not too close.
He could catch the faint scent of nervous fear from her encounter with Jerry. He considered it enticing.
It is faint, but delicious. You respond well to fear. You are attractive, but not so attractive that you are secure. You are hungry… hungry for love. I can smell that scent as well, faintly… faintly now, but sure to become more intense as the evening wears on. Before long, you will come home with me. I know how to be a gentleman. I know how to put you at ease.
By tomorrow, the scent of your fear will be overpowering and I won't have to continue this charade. I won't have to perpetrate this lie of gentility. By this time tomorrow, you will long for the monkey cries of Jerry the buck-toothed idiot. But, you will have me.
Darkness will not protect you from the things you would rather not see, it will only keep you from seeing them. 


The prompt was to start a story with: "Darkness protects us from seeing the things we would rather not see." Well, I wrote this, so I may as well post it. Can you imagine how relieved the other entrants must be. What a lucky break for them. Hahahaha!!!!

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