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Your Dream Girls

Venus and Aphrodite

by lancellot

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

“They scare me, John. I know how that makes me sound, but they do. I dream about them. They…they put something in me. Something…I can’t get out.  I…I think we should…end the project.”

Dr. Jeffries stared at his partner and contemplated the man’s words. He had known for some time how Frank felt about the twins. When they were babies, he and Frank played the odd roles of mother and father, but since the incident Frank saw them differently.

“The twins have never shown an ounce of aggression or violence. What happened before is more our fault than theirs.” As soon as Dr. John Jefferies began to defend the twins Frank left the room. John didn’t need to ask the man where he was going, he knew. He also knew what scared Frank so much. The twins were only a year old, but they were the size of fully developed eighteen-year-old women.

At first, they were allowed free run of the facility, but once they began to ovulate, the staff discovered the hard way that Syble and Sable, were far from harmless. He closed his eyes and allowed his mind to travel back to that day.

It was unusually warm for Chicago, but that sometimes happens in the Midwest. John had planned to arrive early at the lab, but the warm breeze, and bright sunshine streaming through his bedroom window had an effect on his wife and himself.  They both were in their late forties, and though they still had sex regularly, it had been a long time since spontaneous passion caused them to soil the sheets at six in the morning.

John theorized that his impromptu love making with the wife is what saved him and the project.  He was sexually exhausted and could still smell his wife on him when he arrived late to work. Walking into the secure building he felt a sudden tingle in his loins. At first, John thought he had overdone it that morning, and dismissed the feeling. When he found the receptionist station empty, he paid that no mind either; Tammy was always fluttering around gossiping and flirting.

He didn’t start to worry until he entered an empty lab. Frank should have been hard at work trying to re-clone the twins' D.N.A.

“Where is everyone?” he asked out loud. He took a deep breath to calm his growing anger, and then a second tug in his loins hit him. Only this time the feeling was accompanied by pain. He tried to adjust his himself, and noticed that his penis was semi-erect. He was looking down at the bulge in his pants, when he heard singing.
“I know you; I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam…”
“They had better not be having another birthday party.” John stormed off following the voices.

He was aching, and he was irritated with the seemingly endless celebrations his staff threw.
John entered the break room to a scene that would cause several employees to quit, two divorces, one marriage, and at least three pregnancies, that he knew about.

“Oh my God!” was all he managed, as he watched a dozen naked adults slithering over, in, and out of each other on the floor, under tables and in chairs. It was an orgy scene that went beyond X-rated. Women were biting nipples and swallowing stiff erections with no regard to gaging or breathing. Dr. Frank was buried six inches deep into Linda, their seventeen-year-old college intern, and all the while her head was planted between the receptionist creamy thighs.

John took a step into the room and nearly slipped on bodily fluids. Moans and screams of pleasure or pain echoed off the walls. In the middle of the madness stood the twins, they too were completely naked and covered in what looked like semen. They were singing a song unlike anything he had ever heard. John released the door, and it swung shut behind him. The sound cut through the noise and caught the girls' attention. Three sets of eyes met in a moment of absolute clarity; one pair blue, one red and one brown. John froze in terror. The day before the twins had light brown eyes like his.

“Come play with us, Daddy,” they said in perfect unison, and for a second John felt his feet move towards them, but the pain of his exhausted member straining to break through his pants cleared his mind.

By instinct alone he quickly covered his nose with his hand and backed out of the room.
Outside, he locked the doors and sprinted to a window. He opened it and stuck his head into fresh air. Almost immediately he felt his throbbing member relax. With his penis sleeping, his mind awoke. A plan of action quickly developed, and John wasted no time implementing it. He had to work fast, he wasn’t that worried about the women, they could have sex hours on end, but the male body had limits. From his brief exposure he surmised that not even ejaculation would stop them, they would continue trying to have sex until blood vessels burst and testicles ruptured.

In the lab he retrieved an oxygen mask, and from the security locker a stun gun. His second task was to remove what he guessed was the source of the problem. Reentering the break room he saw some men passed out, and several women straddling their unconscious bodies.

The closer he got, the more the women would slow their wild rides and stare at him with glazed eyes.  Some beckoned to him, and seemed torn between leaving their mounts and pursuing him. He was amazed that even passed-out the men had erections that still ejaculated.  He paused for a second and held his stomach, as it threatened to revolt.

Gathering himself, he cautiously stepped over twitching bodies, as he made his way to the twins. They were still together, but no longer alone. Each had several men defiling their young bodies. John said a silent prayer and applied the stunner. Because they were all connected, the effect spread evenly. It hurt him to shock his friends, but he continued until all movement stopped. Then, one by one, he pulled out organs until the twins were free. For a moment he expected the others to attack him, but a quick look around showed they were trapped in prisons of carnal pleasure that had no windows.

John shook himself out of the past and walked to the safe-room where the girls were housed. Their enclosure was made of a clear unbreakable plastic, that the staff dubbed, The Glass House. Like he had expected Frank stood at the wall staring at the twins. They were singing their favorite song again, but not in the way it was intended. In perfect harmony they sang, slowly, hauntingly as they gazed at Frank with glowing red and blue eyes.
“I know you; I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem.”
They were still just as naked as they had been that frightful day. All attempts to get them to wear clothes had failed. They claimed that coverings burned; it didn’t matter the material they simply refused to put anything over their skin. They would not even use blankets; they simply held each other for warmth when they slept.

Of course that’s not all they did in bed. That they were sisters held no taboo for them. They had an unquenchable need, and did whatever they had to do to satisfy it. But, what they really wanted, they cried, and pleaded for both day and night. Most male staff refused to come near them for fear of losing their minds again. The Glass House had an independent air supply, which filtered out their intoxicating pheromones, but no amount of precaution could erase the memories of what occurred.

“Venus and Aphrodite,” Frank said without turning from the girls.

“What’s that?”

“That’s what the staff are calling them now. Twin love gods, but we both know there’s nothing divine about them. They may look and sound like angels, but they’re not.”

“Frank, it wasn’t your fault. Susan will see that and come back, just give her a little time.”

“I haven’t seen my wife and kids in three months. She won’t even accept my phone calls anymore. I’ve been clear of that stupid infection for two months, and still she won’t talk to me, and it’s their fault.” John saw anger, fear, and something else in his eyes. “I hear them you know. At night, when I sleep; that damn song, over and over again.” He turned and stormed out of the room.  

John looked at the girls sitting together, holding each other. They stared first at Frank and then at him, still singing, never missing a word or a note.  He knew they heard his conversation, whether their young minds understood it, was a mystery.  John wasn’t sure if the twins felt remorse for what they caused. Why should they? We created them, he thought.

The purpose in creating the girls was originally to cure infertility. In an odd way, it worked. Soon, several staff members would give birth. Who their fathers are would be revealed after their babies were born.  John knew Frank feared that he would be one of them. After the gonorrhea, and sex with a minor, such a thing would destroy his fragile marriage for sure.

The twins suddenly stopped singing, and slowly approached him. They pressed their nubile bodies against the glass. Even without the potent pheromones they exuded, he felt himself being drawn by their sheer beauty and frightening sensuality.

“Venus and Aphrodite, is that who you are? Is that what we’ve created? God, I hope that’s all.” The girls made no reply. That they weren’t gyrating or touching themselves as they watched him was a small miracle for which he was grateful.

John ripped himself away from the twins and left. He felt his body tingling, and knew what he needed.  Unlike his friend he still had a wife, and on the drive home he thanked God for her.

John made love to his wife as soon as he got home, and again that night. She was astonished with his ferocity and passion, and when she inquired as to the reason, he only smiled and said, “Because I love you.”

When the lights went out, his smile faded, and the emptiness of guilt filled his belly. Though physically he had sex with his wife, in his mind he was with the twins. If he was the vocal sort, he was sure he would have called out their names. Weighed down by remorse and shame John drifted off to the realm of nightmares.

There are many kinds of horrors in the world of man, demons, devils, killers, and creatures formed from the blackest of souls. In John’s dreams, he encountered new ones. These horrors were draped in the finest silk and had appearances that rivaled God’s angels, but they were wild, driven by a single primal need that knew no bounds. Temptation and lust have always been with man, but it was tempered by wisdom and love. That night John saw a world without such limitations, and at a quarter to three he awoke to the sounds of his own screams.

His wife had just finished calming him down when the phone rang. Fearing his night was over John answered.


“John, it’s Tammy. You’ve got to get to the Lab. There’s a fire, hurry!”

He didn’t remember dressing or shouting at his wife. In less than a minute he was out the door and driving as fast as he could.

When he arrived, most of his building was consumed in flames.

“The night shift!” he screamed and ran through a wall of smoke. Fighting to see and breathe, he made his way to the lab.

Inside he saw Hell itself. Writhing in flames were men and women locked in a sexual frenzy as their bodies crumbled. He witnessed one man diving onto, and into a woman covered in orange flames. The poor soul screamed in agony and pleasure, as he drove into her charred body, but she wasn’t yet dead. Remarkably she wrapped her burning legs around him, and they both cried out in ecstasy as they vanished in black smoke.

John covered his mouth and nose with his shirt and held his breath. He yelled for the others to get out, but they ignored him and continued in their fiery orgy. He tried to go in and pull his friends out, but the heat was too much. To his singed eyes, they appeared to be swimming in a lake of fire.  He saw a naked woman covered in flames running towards him with her arms open wide.  For his wife and himself, he was forced to retreat from the building.
Outside, he collapsed into the arms of a firefighter. “It’s too late. They must have tried to save the girls. They couldn’t stop; not even to save themselves. They’re all dead.”

“Not all.” The woman pointed to an ambulance where a single man lay charred and dying. John stumbled over to what remained of Frank. He didn’t need to ask the man what happened or why. Tears fell from his eyes as he looked upon his broken friend.

“I…I had to, John.  They weren’t human. They were demons, devils…succubae.   I…I…didn’t mean for anyone else to get hurt. I sent them home, but some stayed. I…I’m sorry, but I had to. You see that. Tell me you see that, John.”

John stayed with him until he passed away. He was just about to call his wife when a firefighter came running up to him. The man pulled off his mask.

“Are you John Jeffries?”

“Yes,” he answered, wondering why he was smiling.

“Good news. We found your daughters. Thankfully, they got out through a side door.”

“My daughters?” John began looking around.

“Yeah, twin girls. They said you were their dad. I gave them some clothes. They’re right over there getting…” He pointed to the back of an empty ambulance. “Where’d they go?”

In a stable an hour later and three miles away, the twins stripped off the clothes they were given. They cuddled together in a bed of hay and began to sing. 

“But if I know you, I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once
The way you did once upon a dream.”
Suddenly, horses around them started kicking at their stall doors.  Within minutes, several stallions had broken out and began aggressively mating with the mares.

Hearing the commotion, the owner slowly made his way to the scene. When the sun rose in the west, the twins were gone. All the horses were found exhausted and asleep. An old man was discovered naked from the waist down with one hand clutching his chest. His death was ruled a heart attack.

Dr. John Jeffries looked down at the still warm body and knew he was at least an hour behind.  He walked out into the dawn and gazed at the hazy outline of Chicago’s towers in the distance.

“Dear God, it’s only the beginning.”

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