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Blank Verse Shakespearean Sonnet Sequence

A chapter in the book 2014

I Contemplate

by mountainwriter49

Faith Poetry Contest Contest Winner 

And thus with streaming tears I contemplate
the film just ended as the crackling fire
casts shadows on my living room’s pale walls.
I am so torn by life’s injustices
and how man suffers bitterly at whims
of friends and others  who don’t understand.
They stand by doctrine scribed by man so long
ago when they claimed holy sovereignty.
Yet these men weren’t of God, but of themselves,
and thus they wrote the laws to suit their norms
to manage those within their earthly realms.
They persecuted variance e'er swift. 
Man’s paradox is living ‘twixt the then
and now whilst seeking His sweet providence.
And now whilst seeking His sweet providence,
I ponder all things I have learned and feel
at this ripe age of three score and two years.
I am a man of faith and deeply b’lieve
in my God and his one true Son who died
upon the cross at Calvary one dark
horrific day so very long ago.
The Christ loved everyone regardless of
their gross transgressions  or their lots in life.
Yet in our time some choose to judge and loathe
those not of “chaste” domain prescribed by men
in crowns and flowing robes from cent’ries past.
Westboro’s evil lives beyond Phelps' grave,
and thus with streaming tears I contemplate…
25 April 2014

Faith Poetry Contest
Contest Winner


Poetic Form:
Blank Verse Shakespearean Sonnet Sequence. Written in iambic pentameter utilizing the Shakespearean theme development, but not the rhyme. The last line of each stanza forms the first line of the next, thus making the two sonnets a sequence.

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