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by Cogitator

When we recognize a friend, an acquaintance or family member, we usually don't give much thought as to how that is possible. How do we differentiate one human being from another?

Cognition means to KNOW and recognition means to know again. We separate individuals by using the amount of knowledge we have of them. We call such knowledge a memory. Of course, there are commonalities in all of us that allow for recognizing ourselves as human beings, thereby seeing other human beings.

Every commonality we recognize in others must be contained within ourselves or else we couldn't re-cognize it. Friendships, clubs, religions, et cetera, all exist for those who have "something in common".

Our universe is what we know. Moreover, it is the understanding of what we know. Our consciousness seeks to understand but for many, it stops seeking too soon to recognize the commonality of all life. More problematic is the fact that groups that have something in common very seldom allow new thoughts and ideas from outside their circle into their milieu. Additionally, what some call knowledge within themselves is often not true. Truth can be discovered within ourselves, but too few take the "road less traveled."

Truth has no need for belief or faith. We either know it or don't know it. We certainly were born with it, but it has been buried under Society's compost pile. We have to dis-cover it to recover it. We have to use reflection to find our cognition.

We create our universe as our conscious knowledge allows. If we prevent new understanding to enter our mind, no progress will be made. Conversely, the open mind has a chance to find truth again. If a hundred readers were to read this post, there would be a hundred different takes on it. Regardless of the point of view, opinion or judgment formed in the mind by these words, the underlying truth will remain the same.

If we look for the kindred spirit in someone else's eye, we will recognize it. If we make prejudiced or biased judgments based on physical looks, we have accepted that hate inside us unless we stop it. If we recognize evil, we are echoing evil. Evil is "live" spelled backwards. If we truly want to live and rid ourselves of evil, we have to change our attitude. There is no better way to assign responsibility for what we behold than by looking in the mirror.

Physicists are working on defining the Grand Unification Theory -- acronym GUT. It is intended to formulate the connection of the physical microcosm to its macrocosm. After Einstein started the ball rolling with his Special Theory of Relativity, it continued rolling into Quantum Mechanics and the train of thought then rolled on into trying to prove that the universe was one Relativity Ball, from microcosm through macrocosm. Because the wave/particle has a dual quality that continually interacts and transforms, I have doubts about GUT proving that the universe is physical in nature. Metaphysical, I can envision.

To me, this metaphysical universe is the software I call the Grand Operating Design. The physical world (hardware) and the spiritual world (software) must coexist for us to recognize our universe. Just like the operating system of a computer that operates its universe, the Grand Operating System (GOD) operates ours. GUT is the particle and GOD is the wave of life's universe. You can bet on it.

Our brain's left hemisphere is digital and identifies particles as forms. The right hemisphere interprets waves as emotion and is where Agape and compassion reside. If we do not use both sides to contemplate truth, we will fall short of understanding.

If we all recognize the Grand Operating Design in everything we behold, our mutual universe will become the heaven so many seek. We can call this omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent software "The Source" as Dr. Dyer did; we can call it "The Force" as Star Wars did. There is no point in putting a face on it because it is formless, unseen and yet unknown. If we recognize this to be true, it is the Nirvana of Buddhism, The Heaven of Christianity, the Paradise of Islam and the Peace of Mind all people want. If we want to let its power change our universe into the image of heaven we want, all we have to do is change our attitude from looking outward to looking inward.

If you re-cognize the meaning of these words, you will never return to where you are at this moment. Truth will eventually enter. Let it happen.


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