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A Famous Princess Talks About Happily Ever After

After Midnight

by vkmack

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"You know how it is," she said, "You meet a prince, give him your heart, leave a shoe behind, and then he can't remember your face."

The princess sat back in her chair and smiled wanly. This was our first meeting, and she said she wanted to "set the record straight, because too many little girls think my life is perfect and want to be me."

Well, her life was quite the surprise.

"That idiot went to every house in the kingdom, trying that horribly painful glass slipper on women. Well, I left it behind on purpose. Who wants a piece of footwear that cuts into your toes like that?" She laughed at the memory.

"I was just a simple girl seeking a handsome prince in a community property kingdom."

Fair of face and elegantly regal in aquamarine sequins and a dazzling tiara, she sat beside the fireplace in her country home and recounted the story of a royal transformation.

"It all started with that Fairy Godmother, as she called herself. Well, let me tell you, that woman was a piece of work. You know, she wouldn't give me the spells or the wand; she was a control freak. But, in the end, she sold it all to Michael Jackson. You probably saw the video they released together; Speller, it was called. It was huge."

"Anyway, in the beginning I was just sitting by the fire on a cold evening, minding my own business, when the dust motes begin to vibrate and hum. The room was filling with smoke, and I got up to open the window. Then she appeared. No one understands our relationship. Well, the woman was terribly unpleasant. And I don't mean to be unkind, but call yourself a fairy? You've got some nerve. The wings are just for show, you know. She could never get off the ground with them. She looked a bit like an enormous hen."

Our princess, dear fans, has a fairly wide catty streak. Things were beginning to get juicy with this interview.

"So, I asked what she was doing in our house in the middle of the night, and she said, 'Well, I'm your Fairy Godmother. I've come to give you all your heart desires.' My entire life up to that point had been lived in a simple country cottage. I was young and innocent. I was dissatisfied. I was a dreamer."

"I have to give her credit, she was no slouch in the magic department. You all know the story: she turned the pumpkin into a coach; the mice became white horses; the famous dress and glass slippers appeared from thin air. I met Prince Charming at the Kingdom Ball. Of course, Godmother had warned, 'Be home by midnight.' But I was having such a great time at my first real party. Charming and I were twirling on the dance floor when the chimes struck midnight. I had to get out of there pronto, with no time to say goodbye or think about it. I had just a couple of hours to make an impression before it was all over. That wasn't what you would call a real window of opportunity. But it was a great evening."

"So, I left that slipper behind, and then he rode all over the kingdom, trying it on every woman he met. I have to say, I wondered why that was happening. I mean, who can't remember Cinderella?" She chuckled softly under her breath and adjusted in her large, satin, ivory-colored, wing-backed chair.

"That day when he came to our house and didn't even recognize me, I stood in the corner fuming. My step-sisters were both trying on the glass slipper, and there I was. He never saw me in my rags. Apparently, Charming thinks clothes do make the woman."

"But his brother, Bruno, had tagged along, and he whispered to me, 'Can you believe this guy? If she's the love of his life, why can't he remember her name?' And I thought, 'Wow, maybe I danced with the wrong brother.' We went out together the next night."

"That's how I fell in love with Prince Bruno. Since the glass slipper also fit my step-sister, Betty, she and Prince Charming were married that spring. I'm sure you know that their divorce last year was really ugly. She did win her own castle and a huge settlement though."

"Now, Charming says he's going to marry Jonathan Gorgeous as soon as it's legal. They spend most of their time in Hollywood, as Jonathan's an actor on Law and Order: The Royal Court. That's fine. The heart wants what the heart wants. I hope they're happy, really."

"Bruno and I have been blissful all these years. We decided not to have children. Charming and Betty's son will inherit the crown, and we have the horses and our charity work. I'm busy. Funny, you lose a shoe and gain a whole new world."

At this point, Cinderella paused and turned almost wistful.

"I'm concerned that girls today fantasize about my life and see me as a role model. That's ridiculous. I'm not a role model. I want to debunk all of the myths. I won my prince, true, but he was Bruno, who noticed me even in my rags."

"I admire women of courage and intelligence. I wish someone had told me to be brave, to be smart, to be comfortable with myself. Girls must learn to do that. I know now that your prince will come when you are happy without him."

"Seriously, that's the key. Truly successful women are those who see beyond the fairy tale. Real life happens when you are back in the ashes, being yourself. After midnight. That's when life becomes worth living."

As our interview concluded, Cinderella noted shrewdly, "It's never a good idea to put your faith in a sell-out of a Fairy Godmother who looks like an overweight chicken--unless you are a Kardashian. She seems to have done fine by them."

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