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Science Fiction/Love Story

The Freeze: Part 1

by michaelcahill

The emptiness I found inside her was not apparent to most that knew her. It took time to discover it. And even then it was difficult to accept. By the time realization swept over me, it had already become the greatest fear of my life. I had invested totally in her. The thought of no return was devastating. But, I realized in retrospect, it had occurred to me before. It was like a gnat that flies past your field of vision, then disappears, as you take a quick, instinctual swipe at the air it once occupied. 
I remember the loveliness of her, upon first glance. Being lovely is a very specific thing. It doesn't require beauty, though she was beautiful, somehow. I think of all those specific words we use to describe someone attractive. She was all of them, and I couldn't tell you why. She was darling. She was pretty. Hell, she was even cute.
But, very few woman make you sigh. She made you sigh, constantly. I suppose, I should've realized that a sigh indicates a sweet longing and very tender regret. I never had a chance. It took me years to realize it.
By the time I understood her, I had already ravaged my every principal and made my entire existence into a joke. I became like a marionette. Yet, it was I, pulling the strings, desperately looking for the dance that would capture her attention.
I suppose, in a poetically just way, I deserved her. All my life, I had sat indifferent to the energetic parade of tap dancers, passing in and out of my view. I recognize the look on their faces, now. It is the same one I see in the mirror. Did they all invest everything in me, as I do her now? Am I an arrogant monster, gracing the earth effortlessly, with my presence?
I used to imagine a world full of woman, sitting by an open window, gazing at the moon, sighing my name. But, now I hate myself for ever wanting that. But, not as much as I could. But, as good as it might feel to hate her, she doesn't even know. It's not that she is unaware of the dance. She sees it and finds it oddly interesting. But, she'll never understand the level of feeling behind it. It is almost unimaginable that anyone will be wonderful enough to capture her. But then, I didn't think I'd ever be captured. Still I hope. Still I dream.
It was too late to dissolve our partnership. Frankly we were too successful for either of us to let it go. She wasn't aware of my turmoil anyway. I suppose that tells me everything I need to know. Hell, who am I kidding? I'm in love with her. There isn't a thing I can do about it. We work well together. We enjoy each other's company, immensely. We have an excellent partnership. I want more, but I'd be a fool to abandon what was still the best relationship I ever had. So, I'd spend my life feeling like an idiot. There are worse things, I expect.
We were the owners and chief agents of "The Company". It was the synergy of mutual superiority that led us to that name. We found it amusing to think of some legal form saying, "The Company" hereinafter referred to as, "The Company". It delighted us. Our success was extraordinary enough to justify the name as well. "The Company" was truly THEE company and everyone knew it.
It was our sense of humor that truly was a stroke of luck for us. We had a variety of talents to market and called one division of our company, "Communications With Alien Intelligence". It was our little joke, directed at what we referred to as, "the earthlings". True to form, "the earthlings", took it literally, and upon first contact with "The Freeze", we were called in for consultation.
Thank God, we had a mute button on the speaker phone. We laughed to the point of collapse, hitting the mute button to say yes, or no, only. Actually impersonating Alien Communication Specialists was a piece of cake, especially since it was a given that we were legit. And to our credit, I must say, we did make good spokesman for "the earthlings". It was our domain, after all.
The most amazing thing is that we never burst out laughing in public. We came close, and I'm sure our bladders were suspect, considering our constant interest in the bathroom. Of course, we had to relive our urge to laugh.
The first conference looked like a meeting of the United Nations, with every major corporation and Country of the world represented. The only absence was France. But, that was to be expected. So, it is the powers of earth assembled together, with all eyes on us. At the time, "Communications With Alien Intelligence" was simply a name on a cheap run of business cards. We had tremendous success in many endeavors to be sure. But, alien communication was not one of them. Of course, until today, the opportunity had never arisen.
It appeared we were expected to speak first. Of course, we hadn't a clue, yet, what was happening.
"I think a description of the species and what we know of them, would be the appropriate starting point, so we are all on the same page."
God, I love her. There was not even a pause, before she spoke.
"Let's hear from the FBI of the United States first and then the representatives of the medical community and finally anyone with any breaking information that is current. Let's stick to the facts, people. What to do and how to do it, will be discussed at length".
Not having a clue as to the name of the FBI director, I simply motioned to her with an upward palm and slight nod. I'm clever too, darling. Don't forget it. God, I loved calling them, "people". I must admit that most of my contempt for humanity was replaced at the moment with an excitement I hadn't felt since discovering dinosaurs in the second grade. My God! This was really happening.
The rumors of alien contact were rampant throughout the world. They were generally dismissed as nonsense. To be candid, I was in that group myself. But now, Christ, this is real. I'm in the middle of history with my lovely partner, sitting right by my side. And, yet, my heart still aches. It appears I'm one of "the earthlings", myself. How ironic.
-To be continued- 


A short story. One that I thought of expanding at some point. Just looking for some input and whatever thoughts might occur to you. I have a lot of stories and materials. I thought I might introduce some and see what people think.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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