Western Poetry posted September 24, 2013

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JJJ ain't afraid of no ghost

Jerry Jing-Jang's Halloween

by Cindy Warren

On a Halloween night in the days of old
In the time of cowboys brave and bold
Jerry Jing-Jang rode with a wind blustery and cold
On one last cattle drive before winter took hold.

Driving cattle to market over Hangman's Hill
Past a tumble-down shack and a creaky old mill
Was a job no cowboy wanted, not until
Jerry Jing-Jang heard of the haunted hill.

"I ain't afear'd of no bump or rattle
Ain't hear'd of no ghost what could rustle cattle.
Where even old Rusty wouldn't want no battle
'Cause Roundup would see him 'fore he neared the cattle."

But Rusty the rustler, more desperate than not
Hatched up a plan that was so clever, he thought
As an outlaw too clever to ever be caught
He'd just hide in the mill till the cattle were brought.

With the cows pressed together to keep themselves warm
And Roundup keeping them safe from harm
Jerry Jing-Jang walked into that haunted farm.
Thinking he'd nap, safe and warm.

The ghosts, all rustlers hanged on the hill
Were happy to have Rusty stay at his will
Danced at the thought of a most wonderous thrill
There were cattle to rustle and a cowboy to kill.

Not knowing the spirits saw a friend
Rusty was certain that this was the end
Ran down the stairs and round the bend
Where Roundup's teeth found his hind end.

Poor Rusty, so scared he was easily caught
Was locked in the mill till the law could be brought
The ghosts, as upset as you probably thought
Upon Rusty the prisoner, terror they wrought.

Jerry Jing-Jang rode off at the break of day
Leaving the outlaw tucked safely out of the way
But the ghosts, after a bit of play, let Rusty get away
For Jerry Jing-Jang to catch him another day.

Halloween Poetry Contest contest entry


In case any new readers don't know, Roundup is the name of JJJ's dog.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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