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Raiding the Pantry

by Just2Write

"There's just no such a thing as 'can't'
For after all, I'm Adam Ant."
"So true, so true," said Clever Rat -
but, you can bet, I'm clever at
finding little cracks and holes
and using rafters, pikes and poles.
So I'll go first, and lead the way,
when sun goes down at end of day."

So at the setting of the sun,
the rat and ant and Adam's son
crawled quickly up inside the wall
and came out near the back porch hall.
They scurried 'cross the kitchen floor
and underneath the pantry door.
where Clever Rat soon helped himself
to apple pie upon the shelf.

"Don't dilly-dally, Adam Ant,
the pleasures are significant;
I think I'd like a spot of tea;
you'd like one too, you must agree."
But, Adam Ant was more intent
on quite another condiment.
He and his son were on patrol
and hunting for the sugar bowl.

They wandered up and down the wall
and through a breadbox last of all,
but dawn arrived without the treat
of what they both loved best to eat.
"Why don't you try some choc'late cake?
Oh, hurry up for heaven's sake!"
Yet Adam Ant was adamant
"We'll find that sugar bowl," he'd rant.

But lurking near the pantry door,
Aristo-Cat lay on the floor.
He twitched his tail and claws displayed
while waiting for the pantry maid.
He heard her coming down the stairs
and knew the rat was unawares.
He watched her cross the kitchen floor
And open up the pantry door.

"Quick run and hide!" yelled Adam Ant,
"Forget the cake, make yourself scant.
Aristo-Cat, is on the loose!
Do hurry! Scram! Get lost! Vamoose!"
But clever rat was clever at
eluding fat Aristo-cat.
Although quite stuffed on cake and brie
he had a plan on where to flee.

He quickly chomped a crescent roll
then squeezed himself into a hole;
The pantry maid let out a scream
and spilled a jar of clotted cream.
She grabbed a towel to sop it up
while Aristo-cat jumped in to sup.
Their mistress then came running in
to see what noise had caused the din.

She slipped upon the cream and fell
and squished the maid and cat as well.
What squeals of anguish then were heard
from this dilemma so absurd;
but, Adam Ant was not afraid
and ran right past the screaming maid.
While she lay crumpled in a heap
he took his charge and took a leap.

He and his son escaped the fray,
and just as quick were on their way.
Outside the house, as right as rain,
the entourage was safe again.
"Oh, Clever Rat, that was so fun!"
cried Adam Ant's excited son.
I've never shared such great delight
and hope we'll go again tonight."

"Of course we will," said Clever Rat
"I do believe we'll do just that.
I'd like to taste a jelly roll,
then help you find that sugar bowl."

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