Fantasy Poetry posted September 2, 2013

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Positively Mimically

by Laidy

The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.
Laying in bed,
I'm confused in my head.
Temptation's calling me,
I must pray to walk away.
His brown eyes and that goatee,
His pubic area's probably equally pretty,
With his face long and muscles so tight
I want to believe
I'm strong and that we will be alright
I'm not even going to lie
I feel like this is so silly!
Talking about my inner strength just the other day
These actions can't even be me!
With his pectorals strong and that Axe fragrance he wears
My excitement leaks, I'm having thoughts like, "who the hell cares?"
Fantasizing about his full lips and tight buns
All I'm thinking about is we should have some late night fun!
Bench press me and I swear it won't be that easy.
I'm not one to stray but I would love you to please me
Rough or slow it's never the same game
I want you to pull my hair and beat me until I scream your name!
But of course, I'm still in my head,
Shivering as I vibrate myself-
Dreaming that you were the one in my bed.
Massage my sore thighs with warm oils and hands
Maybe try me on,
I'll fit you as if I was name brand!
Going out my way to only make you smile,
But deep down in my heart these ideas so vivid are vile!
Becoming who I am not will keep me down and depressed,
With this rage, anger and hurt,
Lust for you, I'll suppress!
So blinded before by love;
So who the hell matters?
You'll only break my heart again against the wall with a splatter!
Still, secretly I will continue to want you to hold me down,
Take advantage of me on a mat and give me a pound...
My fantasy of you will stay forever til it is broken or comes true
You've always been on my mind and in your pants it was me that grew!
So take me by the neck and hold me down,
Bind my hands and ankles,
Have your way with me in a fight,
Not much needs to be done to break me,
Determination in you can be found!
"Shut up, bitch!" And in you go,
The moisture will glisten as it's filled and you grow!
Choke me,
I want to feel your passion
In the sex of motion,
It will feel like you have made me swallow another love potion.
I need this now in my life as we speak,
I'm at a place where I no longer have a peak,
Into the mind of who's closest to me!
But oh, his name I dare not speak,
So I tread cautiously,
These thoughts I shall never let free,
Although they are genuinely!
For if I do...
Like him I'll be!
And then it'll be I that's loved minimally and unnaturally!
And then the roles would have had changed positively mimically!
Good night; sleep tight!


Late night wonderings! (Fiction)
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