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The story of a guardian angel and the child she watches over

The Guardian Angel's Journey

by emjaihammond

Ouch!  The little angel fell hard into a bed of giant hostas and found herself buried in variegated leaves. 

“Belle, your wings are crooked again, you will never stay in flight that way!”  Mrs. Flyright sighed, showing her disappointment.  She glided across the manicured lawn to where her little charge went down.  Peering into the flower bed, she found a small golden haired angel, struggling her way up through the foliage.

Soft, baby-fine angel hair spilled over her halo, now askew, having slipped over her right eye.  Belle peeked through a curtain of blonde bangs and found herself eye to eye with her flight instructor.

 The little angel was concerned about her sudden fall from grace.  Still, she found a smile in the bottom pocket of her heart and managed to wear it as she faced her most challenging teacher.  “I’m sorry, I’ll try again.”

Belle stood up, stepped out of the hosta bed and onto the lawn.  She straightened her long white robes and attempted to push her yellow halo back into its proper place.  With that, she fluffed her crumpled wings and began to spread them for another flight.

 The teacher stopped her, she spoke to Belle with kindness.  “Class time is over, Belle. We’ll try again tomorrow.  Remember, keep those wings straightened and your halo neat.  Proper little angels keep themselves in order.”

Belle quickly curtsied before her teacher.  As she bowed her head, her halo slipped from its place.  It hit the ground and spun ‘round and ‘round until it finally wobbled to a stop at her feet. 

“Oops!  Oh, Nell’s Bells!” she cried in a whisper.  She dropped to her knees, picked up her halo and held it to her chest. She was afraid to look up and see her teacher’s reaction.  She remained there on her knees, head down, eyes closed, and clutching her halo, until Mrs. Flyright’s footsteps drifted off.  Was she shaking her head at me, she thought?  As she got to her feet she heard giggles.
Flitting around St. Peter’s petunia patch, were Belle’s best friends, Angelica and Celeste.  They laughed.  “HeHeHe!”  Her angelic friends fluttered to where Belle was straightening herself.
Celeste pulled a leaf from Belle’s hair where it had lodged when she landed in the hostas.  “Took a wrong turn?” she asked with a smile and a gleam in her eye. 
“You could say that.  My wings….”  Belle started to make excuses but stopped in mid-sentence.  I have trouble keeping my wings straight.  She looked at the ground, remembering her disappointment.   “Everything was going well when, I veered off to the left and right into the hostas! How will I ever pass my flight test?”

Angelica put her hands on Belle’s shoulders and with dark ebony eyes she looked into Belle’s inner being.  Deep into her sky-blue eyes she went, and there she read her yearning to serve.  Belle gave her friend a hug.  “Never give up,” Angelica said, and with that she straightened the crumpled feathers in Belles right wing.

“Got to keep those wings neatly groomed, that could be the problem.” Celeste stepped back to admire Angelica's handy work. She tweaked the wing slightly, and said,  “Yes, that’s much better.”
Belle slipped her hair behind her ears and put her halo on again.  She was a cute angel, but a little messy and disorganized.  Even so, a light came shining through from a heart full of goodness.  “Thanks for fixing my wings.” 
 Celeste smoothed her friends hair back into place, looking once again to be sure it was just right.   With a final hug, both Angelica and Celeste said goodbye and flew ahead, late for their music lessons
Belle followed on foot.  Watching them, she could not help but notice, they both had their wings on straight, without any ruffled feathers.  They wore their halos in perfect order just above their heads. 

All beginner angels are given a sunny yellow halo.   Celeste and Angelica recently earned a shiny silver one at the Angel Academy.   Silver brightened the day of all who encountered them.  Though they may go unseen, angels spread joy and peace through their very presence.   Good energy comes from them, just as it comes from flowers.

Eventually, they would all step up to golden halo. It would take years and be a crowning achievement in service and a jewel atop their heads.  Belle wondered if she would even manage to get a silver one.

Later that night, when it was time for all little angels to go to sleep, Belle and her little sister, Twinkle, were ready for bed.  Twinkle knelt beside her small cloud.  She bowed her head, folded her small hands and talked to God.  Belle listened to her tiny sister pray.  “Pwease bwess my sister, and help her wearn to fwy right.”  She ended her prayers with, “God bwess everyone.”   Tiny Twinkle hopped into bed.  Sinking slightly into her cloud, she peeked out to say one last good night to Belle.

  Before she knew it Twinkle was asleep, gently afloat on her cloud.   The quiet glow of her yellow halo twinkled softly.  It was unusual for a halo to twinkle.  It was a special sign.  She had the gift of a joy.  It is also where she got her name.
Belle got down on her knees and told God all about the Hosta bed.  She confessed that it bothered her a great deal that she could not seem to keep her halo on straight or her wings unfettered.

“Please Lord,  I try to be neat and tidy, but it seems something always steals my attention.  What starts out un-crumpled seems to be crumpled in the end. She wondered how Celeste and Angelica stayed so perfect.  Her friends were right.  She had taken a wrong turn.
Belle continued in prayer.  “Minutes before flying class today, I wanted to get a good look at my surroundings. I climbed high into the giant tree in the middle of St. Peter’s garden. I knew I probably shouldn’t have.  I jumped down out of its branches just in time to see Mrs. Flyright come through the garden gate.   Quickly, I tried to unfurl my right wing.  I didn’t want her to know what I had done and I had not properly preened my feathers before flight lessons began.  Lord,  please, help me to make better decisions.  Amen.” 

Ready for sleep, she thought about how she could improve.   Belle had two new goals.  She would try hard not to be so impulsive and she would keep her wings and halo straight and neat.  She made these resolutions just before she drifted off to sleep in her own comfy cloud.
If one could look and listen into the room where Belle and Twinkle slept, you would be taken in by their peaceful beauty.  The tiny angels slept surrounded by soft faraway sounds of tiny bells ringing softly, as if carried by a warm summer breeze.  Mesmerizing were the tiny twinkling lights that danced ever so pleasantly about the room.  It was as if it was Christmas, with bells and lights softly playing; the children sweetly slumbering in the warm glow of the season’s promise of peace and good will.
Time passed and Belle worked hard to become what she was intended to be.  She was known as a guardian angel.

Belle  always struggled to keep her wings and halo straight, but it was her careful attention to her problem that drove her to excellence.

She not only earned her silver halo, but had been awarded one made of the finest gold.
As a guardian angel, she was given her own special child to watch over.  Her name was Olivia.  Olivia was a sweet, adventurous child who had almond shaped eyes, as blue as the bluest sky.  She was only three years old.
It was a warm summer day when Belle received an alarm that something was wrong.  She called Twinkle to help and together they quickly found little Olivia was headed for trouble.

“Olivia!” her mother cried out as she chased the tiny tot through the crowd of strangers at the zoo.

The three-year old with a pony tail caught up high on either side of her head wore the look of genuine joy as she ran right past the man selling bouquets of colorful balloons.  Her mother did her best to catch hold of her, but the child was quicker than most and always seemed to be just ahead of disaster. 

The balloon man jumped out of her way as she whipped past him and managed to hang on to only one of his balloon bunches. The rest flew with the wind across the sky, just missing her guardian angels as they winged their way to where she was causing all the confusion.  Her mother was frightened at the thought of her lost child among strangers and wild animals at the zoo. 

Olivia only knew she wanted to get closer to her favorite animal in the whole world.  She had spied the giraffe cage and was quickly making her way to them.

“Olivia, wait!”  Her mother continued to call after her.  Each time she got closer she lost her as she darted through a small opening in the crowd.

Panic took over.  Until now, mother was able to see her child ahead of her, but she had quickly vanished as they rounded the House of Reptiles.   Her heart stopped.  She turned every direction seeking her little girl.

“Where could she be, Lord?  Please help me!”  Mother saw movement up ahead.

Twinkle warned Belle as they approached.  “She’s headed for the giraffe cage.  Her mother can’t get to her in time, the crowd is too thick.”

Belle swiftly glided through the crowd as only one could do after careful training.  She positioned herself at the place where the giraffes stood munching on leaves, the crowd watching below.  Olivia found her way over the barrier and had already started to climb on the high chain link fence, the only thing between her and what she was determined to see.
“Look Mommy, I’m going to play with the giraffes."  Climbing higher, one man tried to catch hold of her but he lost his balance and jumped out of the way.   Olivia lost her grip on the fencing and began to fall the long way down to the hard ground below.  To everyone’s surprise she fell into a bed of hostas surrounding the cages..  What nobody could  see, were Belle and Twinkle also in the greenery, having broken the child’s fall. 
Olivia’s mother arrived and picked her daughter up.   She held her close for a minute, then looked her child over.   Olivia peered through a curtain of blonde bangs and found herself eye to eye with her mother.   

 Mother picked a leaf from the toddler’s ponytails, and they both had a nervous laugh at her rumpled condition.

Mother scolded her for running away and climbing high fences.   “Proper little girls keep themselves in order.   I’ve had enough of the zoo for one day.  Let’s go home.”

“Bye, bye giraffes!”  Olivia waved and called out to her friends.  They went on their way, Olivia carried tightly in her Mother’s arms.

Back at the giraffe exhibit, Belle climbed out of the variegated leaves.  Twinkle couldn’t help but giggle.   Belle’s golden halo had slipped over her right eye and her wings were crumpled almost beyond recognition.  Twinkle straighten her sister's wayward wings.  Pushing her halo back into place, Belle remembered another little one full of adventure.  One who climbed high into the trees just to see how things looked from above.  Yes, God in His wisdom had given her just the right child to look after.  After all, it takes one to know one, as they say.


I'm trying to write a story for each of my grandchildren. Each story holds something of truth in it's pages. This one is for Olivia who loved giraffes when she was smaller and did try to scale their fences before we could catch her. She was so quick and like the cartoon character Sweet Pea in the old Popeye cartoons, I found her to be on the verge of disaster most of the time. She surely has a very quick and diligent guardian angel. This may be a little long, but it is for someone special. I hope you will understand and be patient with me. Thank you for reading.
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