Self Improvement Non-Fiction posted July 23, 2013

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A Non-Fiction in about 800 words.Why it happens.............

I Don't Know Why

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Truly I never know.

I wish to get the best or most out of living. I know I live once. In life there are no retakes. Still.....

I think to write 2400 words, publish 2 postings, write 60 reviews, and get to earn 40 Member Cent Pump Certificates, 10 Leprechaun Certificates by reviewing works a day.

Sometime I think I shall finish all my types of works, sit for reading books for hours and finalize cases on negotiations with people.

Someday I think I shall earn university degrees-titles, earn certificates on completing courses and training every year.

Some other day I think I shall visit my target places, lands, countries, houses, families and new people and reply to all emails and messages.

Every Sunday I think I shall be a world record performer in my chosen fields or proficiency, the topmost litterateur. Almost every Saturday I think I shall get most reviews with most 6-star rated comments and the most All Time Best Certificates.

Sometime I think I shall be the Member of Parliament in the Upper House or Cabinet Minister or Governor of a State or President of my country.

On New Year Day I think I shall be a comedy character role actor in Hollywood films, or a public stage hero or a theatrical stage director-writer or a multi millionaire most published Litterateur and painter with a global name.

Almost every day I think I shall own a 6-storie apartment having 24 large rooms, have a huge personal library, museum, and shops on my daily usable things in and around the apartment.

Once a month I think I shall own different types of latest cars, marry 24 girls, women or widows or teenagers, have freely mix with 60 beautiful girls having different tongues and passions and share my thoughts with my fans in millions.

Once a year, I think I shall win the first prize in a million dollar lottery, get free gifts on all purchases.

On Wednesdays I think I shall be the most invited guest of social organizations or clubs or societies.

Every night I think I shall be a founder of a new language, subject and course and have an age for my literature.

Every morning I think I shall gift all my family members and well-wishers huge amount of money for their luxurious living.

Every evening I think I shall own 10 laptops, desktops and tablets, 10 mobile phones, 3 luxury cars, 1 cab, 1 auto-rickshaw, 2 racing bikes, 5 racing bi-cycles, 5 printers, 1 stationery shop, 1 paper house, 1 newspaper house, 1 television channel, 1 publication house, 1 printing house, 10 bank accounts, 2 personal index numbers, 5 Green cards, 2 International passports and 1 private helicopter.

Once a month I think I shall travel 300 countries around the world and enjoy Nature, lands, people and landscapes there.

Every dawn I think I shall be a bird or small animal watcher in Nature.

Every dead-end night I think I shall meet my God, Angels, Messengers of God, Prophets and learn subjects from them.

Every rainy season I think I shall fly kites, balloons and release my release my pet pigeons and parrots in the sky.

Every autumn I think I shall have my own flower garden, plantation firms and farm houses at different places.

Every end-evening I think I shall stay and live in my friends and enjoy living with them across the globe for months.

Every early dawn I think I wish to pass some days with the dinosaurs and extinct giant animals of pre-historic times.

Every mid-day I think I shall visit and sit for reading books, magazines and newspapers in libraries across the world.

Every winter I think I shall have many pets, pet birds and pet animals in my family.

Every summer I think I shall have all my buildings, houses, rooms, cars, shops or dwelling places are air-conditioned fully.

Every morning, I think I shall take physical exercises and have diet control but enjoy national and international dishes, spend nights in luxurious hotels, bars, restaurants across the world.

Every mid-day I think I shall do everything fastest, speak with people the most profitably, read the most legendary epics of the world, write the most number of literature, be a Nobel Prize winner in Literature, print literature, write letters to people of all walks of living.

Quite often I think I shall never take personal loans, keep good relation with everyone known to me across the globe.

Often at night I think I shall maintain all my possessions clean, neat and tidy, keep my physique and looks nice and have sound sleeps.

Every night I think I shall watch all the programmes on television, read and reply to all emails, enjoy all videos, read books on ethics, morality, religion and philosophy ever published.

Often I wish I should have proficiency in 30 foreign languages, get my works published in 100 languages, get awards on my books.

But I cannot. I never know why and who dismantles everything. Why always something else happens to me?


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