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Choose War or Peace

by Alcreator Litt Dear

Words invite wars or restore peace.

Devils or fools never listen to the wise, righteous or divine words.

Choice is yours. Use words either to kiss war or peace.

Use words unwisely and invite wars, battles, confrontations, disputes, discords or tussles and be mad to live isolated, solitary, stressed, strained or frustrated.

Courtesy costs nothing but buys everything.

Use words wisely and keep wars away and ensure, upkeep, promote, restore or enjoy peace.

Even you may suffer warlike consequences when others use words foolishly.

There is no art or science, no miracle or wonder, no mystery or secret, just practice using words practicably or wisely. Result is bound to come naturally, it is true. Wisdom helps use of words wisely.

History reminds us the essence or truth of wise use of words.

Ignorance of wise use of words is of no excuse.


Words used unwisely means childish, crazy, demoralizing, derogative, destructive, devastating, devilish, foolish, hard, harsh, illogical, immoral, impolite, improper, incorrect, inharmonious, insane, insensible, irrational, mad, negative, partial, passive, unethical, unnatural or wrong use of words.

Wisely means opposite to unwisely, balanced, caring, correct, courteous, ethical, harmonious, inspiring, logical, loving, moral, moralizing, natural, peaceful, polite, positive, proper, rational, right, righteous, sensible use of words.

Wrongly means incorrect, partial, assuming, presuming and misinterpreted, misinformed, disguised, fake use of words.

Incorrectly means derogative, defamatory, insensible, hateful, partial, unjustifiable, foolish, unlawful, immodest, foul, false, fabricated, distorted, assumed, presumed, wrongful use of words.

Rightly means correct, full, complete, free, rational, practicable, feasible, possible, natural, informed use of words and words conveyed rightly, communicated orderly, appreciated truly and words are not misinformed, misinterpreted, miscommunicated, misrepresented, misjudged or wrongly used and words are used not on false assumption, doctrine, faith, knowledge, experience, feeling, sentiment, presumption, fallacy, principle, rule, law, code, ethics, etc.

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