Western Poetry posted June 23, 2013

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JJJ is deputy for a day

Jerry Jing-Jang the Lawman

by Cindy Warren

On a windy Saturday in September,
A day Jerry Jing-Jang would forever remember,
The sheriff rode out to the range
And the cowboys thought it so strange,
That although it soon would be night,
Deputy Joe was nowhere in sight.

Said the sheriff, "We have trouble
And I need help on the double,
Joe's busted his leg,
And I came here to beg
Jerry Jing-Jang to help out the law.
He's quick on the draw, and that outlaw I saw

At the tavern a-jawin' and drinkin'
So then I got me to thinkin'
Jerry Jing-Jang is trusty
And he's wise to old Rusty
So I'll need my old friend
Till Joe's on the mend."

That sheriff was a coward as the cowboys well knew,
So they convinced Jerry Jing-Jang in a moment or two.
"You must take up Joe's star
'Cause a hero you are
And we know you won't fail
To put Rusty in jail."

As Jerry Jing-Jang pondered a moment or two,
A plan just dropped in, as plans sometimes do.
He sent his two buddies to the saloon
With a plan to catch Rusty tomorrow by noon.
"Go to that tavern and have some beer
Make plenty of noise for Rusty to hear.

Make him hear you've so many cows to deliver
To that rancher just north of the river.
That's the easiest spot for ol' Rusty to rustle
On hearin' that news I'm bettin' he'll hustle.
But first take our sheriff back to town
See him home a-fore the sun goes down."

Morning found Rusty on the trail
With Jerry Jing-Jang waiting to toss him in jail.
Rusty the rustler was caught unaware,
Likewise the cowboy, for the sheriff was there.
He said "well done, thanks to Jerry Jing-Jang
I'll now take the prisoner and Rusty will hang."

"These good folks have come along to see the show,
Bring him along, it ain't like you to be slow."
But Jerry Jing-Jang saw no need to hurry,
He said "Rusty don't hang without judge or jury."
The outlaw cried "save me from that noose,"
And Jerry Jing-Jang had to turn him loose.

"What the sheriff is up to ain't the law,
And I can't pretend like I never saw.
Oh my, it seems our friend has flown,
And you'll have to catch him on your own.
The deputy's job ain't for me;
A cowboy is what I'm meant to be."

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