Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted June 12, 2013

This work has reached the exceptional level
Some love stories are rubber stamped before they begin...

Love Story Baggage

by Gregory K Shipman

Love Story Baggage

Love means
never having to say you're sorry
and yet I do...
every night before bed

and every afternoon
during lunch
when you call
just to accuse

and I grudgingly
say I'm sorry
because your voice
much like a rattler's rattle...

signals attack

and you swiftly
my guilt by reason of
me being me

whom you've
attached to
every pre-me
in your life

after all, how could I
not have done
what you think
I've done

when what you think
I've done
has been done
by every pre-me...?

which means
in time I will
surely do what you
think I've done

so having to say
I'm sorry
is good practice
for when I really am

The End


I went back to the motherland, did my family duties and now I'm back in Alaska. One of my cousins (name withheld by fear of ass-kicking) gave me a rundown on a failed relationship. While in B-More town a bunch of us friends since the Ice Age discussed his situation. Me being me, I poem-ed the hell out of it. Then me being screwed up me, I also turned it into a flash fiction (easy on the 'fiction') piece out of it. This is the first time I turned a 'nod' into both poem and story... two bangs for two bucks... I think he likes it, Mikey!

I missed you people... not enough to let you get me pregnant... but close!

The companion piece is 'Love Story Baggage... Word Up'. Soon to be posted.
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