Commentary and Philosophy Poetry posted April 2, 2013

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HONESTY...My Kinda Religion

by closetpoetjester

The author has placed a warning on this post for language.
HONESTY...My Kinda Religion

It's nice to tether bonds to those
with backbone and some morals
Compelled to tell in truthful words
not wrap it up in florals

I liken self to those who laugh
with honesty and humour
Alas we've found corruptive seed
that's brewing like a tumour

An evil weed that sprouts and shouts
to those, below, before him
Requires no polish 'pparently
yet wants us to adore Him

And if we don't he'll drop kick us
dismissive yet obtrusive
Revenge reviews are wearing thin
validity elusive

Which don't sit well with some of us
we're here for honest writing
And honest praise when it is due
and DUE to what's delighting


It IS the job in bringing up
critique when you're reviewing
Though with the right amount of tact
respect the job you're doing


I've exercised a mound of tact
the most I'll fucking muster
But DON'T you tell me how to read
and rate your poems BUSTER!

I have the brains to comprehend
and finish every sentence
My point of view is NOT a sin
so I won't ask repentence

With no religion to my name
I'll say as I'm upstanding
"Do unto others as they've done..."
A simple understanding

We authors here have equal rights
to post just what we're feeling
But touting words like Lord Supreme
can leave your readers reeling

I'm just a gal who likes good verse
yet NOT against religion
But if you post, let ME decide
on how I'll voice opinion

Yes, you may trill from highest peak
as though your language golden
Well sorry pal, that water's sour -
Divine? Nope, that ain't holdin'

I have no cult, extremist views
just poetry in motion
No member bucks to prop me up
in full-front-page-promotion

Vernacular as rough as guts
But I'm not one to worry
'Cos there are plenty on my boat
that WON'T jump in a hurry

I just rely on what I write
might be of basic merit
Not stink FS with my BS
expecting ALL to wear it

The front page here, for all to see
to mock, critique and savour
It soon becomes apparent who's
for rank, or who's for flavour


Your words won't mean a single thing
while talent's not abundant
And member bucks I'll grab with glee
in truth, till you're redundant!



If this gets me kicked off...sorry to my fans and friends.
I love you all...LOL, and hey at least I've gone out with a bang.

I just happen to be one of a bunch of disgruntled Fanstorians who take pride in writing from the heart
and not from the pocket of pith.

Personally, I've had a gutful.
Hopefully people around here can see sense and say what they mean and mean what they say.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

I'm ALL for poetic splendor...not incoherent drivel.
Sorry, just gotta make a call here on what I feel I have to stand up for.

I'm also speaking on behalf of the blatant misrepresentation of the English speaking language. Not to mention incomplete sentences.

BTW...52c is ALL you're getting out of me...I'll let my POST do the talking as opposed to any depth of pocket.

Honestly, if this is a bad call on my behalf I'd appreciate the heads up. Willing to take ALL critique...good, bad and of course UGGGGLY.

Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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