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A Mindy & Chloe Story

Would You Look at That?

by jmdg1954

   "Would you look at that." Chloe whispered.

   "Look at what?" Mindy said, "and why are you whispering?"

   "Whispering? I don't know, but look over there, on the fence." Chloe pointed with her paw. "Looks like a squirrel peeping through a pair of binoculars. Strange, huh?"

    Chloe is an eight-year-old Brittany Spaniel with an amber and white color coat, triangular shaped ears and pinkish colored nose.

   "Let me see!" Mindy said as she followed Chloe's paw and looked intently towards the fence. "Oh, that's Salty, Salty Squirrel. His real name ... you ready for this one," she chuckled, "is Saltimo Scungileone Squirreliamo. That's why he's Salty for short."

   Mindy is a fourteen-year-old Beagle with a tricolor coat of tan, black and white fur, a wet charcoal black nose and a long tail.

   Chloe howled with laughter after trying to repeat it. "That name is a real tongue twister. Salty, huh," Chloe said after she calmed down. "I heard there was a new squirrel in the yard. He must be the one. How did you meet him, and where was I?"

   "Good question," Mindy said.

So began the story ...

   "I'm in the yard this morning
    sniffing here and there,
    I spot a squirrel on the fence
    dressed so debonair.

   Sporting a top hat and cane
   with a tuxedo jacket and pants,
   Looked like he belonged on stage
   ready to sing and dance.

   But he kept staring into the yard
   just like he is now,
   I asked him what was he doing
   he told me, trying to fulfill a vow."

Chloe shook her head and covered both eyes with her paws. Here she goes. When Mindy tells a story, she starts talking in rhymes. This is going to be a doozy!

   "I told him my name was Mindy
    and to consider our yard his home,
    He said thank you very much
    but would rather be left alone.

    So I turned to walk away
    didn't want to interfere,
    Thought to go look for my toy
    when he yelled to me, "Come here."

    What was I supposed to do?
    You know I have a big heart.
    I told him hop down from the fence
    and tell it to me from the start."

    Mindy paused to look at Chloe who watched Salty on the fence. Then continued, "according to Salty, they met at the annual Gathering of Acorns party."

   "They, meaning Salty and ...?" Chloe wondered.

   "Charlemagne Cecilia Chipmunk! CeCe for short. Her mother's name is Conceeta Perdeeta Chipmunk! They call her CePe. Pretty neat, huh?"

   "And the father's name?" Chloe asked.

   "Frank. Just Frank." Mindy said in a ho-hum manner. "This acorn party is held once a year and lasts for days. Each family gathers acorns and stores them in certain dry parts of the yard, usually in a tree. It's their food for the winter."

   "How do you know all this? Salty tell you? And when was this party?" Chloe asked.

   "Salty didn't say, but my guess would be right before last winter. They were inseparable after they met. You didn't see one without the other. They could be found dancing through the trees, soaring from branch to branch. They've been together everyday since then! Well, until two days ago."

   "What happened then?" Chloe asked.

Mindy continued the story ...

   "He found a note in his nest
    read it and began to cry,
    The note was from bride-to-be
    telling him forever goodbye."

    Chloe looked at Mindy. "That's a shame", Chloe said. "He seems like a nice squirrel. Dresses kinda funny with that weird hat and jacket. Looks like he's ready for Halloween!"

   "Chloe, that's his tuxedo. He wore that for his wedding. You know, like in getting married." Mindy said.

   "I know what a wedding is, cranky-pot. We went to Rachael and Ralphie Raccoon's wedding, remember?"

   "Of course I do. You and that Poodle, what's his name , Harry, sat together, the whole time. He wore a tie and you had a pink bow around your collar. You both were so adorable."

   "It's not Harry!" Chloe said.

   "What? What's not Harry?"

   "His name. It's not Harry, it's Jacques," Chloe said blushing slightly. "Anyway, he's our neighbor, and I was just being nice."

   "Oh sure. You two are always nice, barking at each other through the fence. Like in some secret code," Mindy said. "What's that all about?"

   "Okay, okay, enough about Jacques. Lets talk about Salty? I don't get why she left him. Didn't she love him?" Chloe was bothered by what was happening. Brittany Spaniels are sensitive, and she began to feel the same emptiness inside herself that Salty must be feeling.
   "Yes of course she loved him," Mindy said, and continued with the story...

   "She felt she wasn't good enough
    to become his squirrelly bride,
    Her mom and dad were chipmunks
    a fact which she could not hide."

   "He couldn't live without her
    she was the love of his life,
    He had to go out and find her
    so she could be his wife."

   "So, she was a chipmunk and he was a squirrel," Chloe interrupted, "who cares? They were in love. Thats all that should matter. How did he end up here, in our yard?"

   "Salty said squirrels and chipmunks don't marry
    they are a slightly different breed,
    Like foxes won't marry coyotes
    that's breaking bloodline creed.

   "Okay! I got that. Read my lips." Chloe spoke slowly, "how... did.... he..." Chloe was getting anxious.

   "She grabbed her stuff and left
    afraid to see him face to face,
    Salty didn't let that deter him
    He would search every nook and space.

   "He hopped about for two days
    her note always at his side,
    Never lost sight of the goal
    to find his chipmunk bride."

   "He checked every yard
    from here to Kalamazoo,
    Under porches and inside sheds 
    when Silky Skunk gave him a clue."

   "Good ole' Silky" Chloe said. "He's a good skunk now that he doesn't have those scent glands any longer ... pee-yu."

   "Would you let me finish the story!" Mindy was exasperated. " Sheesh! Picky, picky, picky."

    "Oh! Oh! I got an idea," Chloe said as she danced on her hind legs like a ballerina. "I know what to do to help Salty." When she stopped dancing, she walked over to Mindy and whispered in her ear...

Story of the Month contest entry


This is the end of part one. Part two will features Chloe and her footsteps as she reveals her plan to find Salty's bride.

I'm looking for reviews that will help me clear up issues in this story before I proceed with part two. My goal is to follow this through to publication. Any and all assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, John
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