Children Fiction posted January 3, 2013

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Sung to the tune: I've been workin on the railroad

Eating Mommy's Sandwich

by jmdg1954

   Hi, it's me, Aiden. I'm at the mall with my mommy, Christina and my daddy,Rob. Right now I'm sitting in my stroller being wheeled all around. Whew, at least I don't have to walk! I get to sit back, relax, look at the people, the stores, drink from my juice box, and ... uh oh, wait ... Dad, turn here, Disney store... stop, you're passing it, Dad, wait, stop ... DAAAAAD!

   "Oh, how cute. Look at all the Mickey and Minnie's, Aiden," Dad said pointing at the store. "Maybe we'll stop there later, after lunch. Food court okay with you guys?"

   Yea, food court. Aiden was excited.

   "Too many choices, huh, Princess?" Dad said to Aiden. "Let's see, there's Taco Bell, Wendy's, Chinese, Romans Pizza, Nathan's, Cold Stone Creamery..." Rob paused after he mentioned Cold Stone and started to lick his lips. With his eyes focused on the sign, dark chocolate peppermint ice cream sundae, his mind completed the thought, topped with Oreo cookie crunches, warm caramel drizzled over the top, and a maraschino cherry dropped in the center of the piled high whipped cream, which smothered the entire surface.

   "Rob," Christina whispered in his ear.

   "Hmm. Oh, sorry. Back to reality," he sighed. He knew better. That's not lunch (not today anyway). He had to set a good example for his daughter, even if she is only eighteen months old.

    Hi, it's me, Aiden one more time. After scanning the different eateries one more time, Mommy and Daddy decided on Subway. Mommy ordered the six-inch turkey sub while Daddy hooked up with a larger, spicy Italian combo.

   We chose a table away from the crowd of shoppers. Mom was afraid of me catching any airborne germs. I sat real comfy between them. Than, Mom had to rummage through her tote bag for my lunch, from home.

   "Here we go, sweetie, Mommy has Fruit Loops ..."

    Fruit Loops? Yuck, gimme some French fries...

   "and I have carrot sticks..."

    Carrot sticks! Double yuck! How about some of those chips and pickles? Than we're talkin'"

    "Oops, forgot the soda! Be right back," Christina said.

     Hey, it's me again. Fruit Loops and carrot sticks? Nah! Mommy's sandwich looks really good. I wonder, if... I, could... start to squirm in my booster seat, inch forward, stretch my arm as far as I could, until ...

         (the following can be read or sung to the tune, "I've Been Working on the Railroad")

   I've been eating Mommy's sandwich,
   Since she walked away.
   I've been eating Mommy's sandwich,
   I took it off her tray.

   Do you think that she will notice?
   When she sits back down;
   Do you think that she will cry out?
   Aiden don't you frown!

   Aiden, give it back!
   Aiden, give it back!
   Aiden, give back my lu-u-unch
   Aiden, give it back!
   Aiden, give it back!
   Aiden, give back my lunch!

   Daddy should get you a sandwich.
   Daddy should get it right now-ow-ow-ow
   Daddy should get you a sandwich
   To keep you out of trouble somehow!

   Please, Dad, help me out now.
   Please, Dad, help me out now-ow-ow-ow.
   Please, Dad, help me out nowwwww
   To keep me out of trouble somehow!

                              The End


The tune popped into my head as soon as my son texted me the photo. It took a little time to put it together, I enjoyed doing it and my kids enjoyed reading it. Hope you did as well. John
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