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A fun day at the beach, or is it?

Becky's Beach Adventure

by jmdg1954

Page 1
     Five-year old Becky Brown has never been to the beach, yet somehow she knew she wasn't going to like it.

    "Mommy," Becky said with the milk from her breakfast cereal dribbling down her chin, "Isn't there too much sand at the beach, and won't it make me itch? Do they have a TV there? Where do I go potty? Is the water salty? Can I bring my bike? Will I get sunburned? What about sharks and jellyfish?"

    "Becky B., you worry too much," Mom said. "Trust me, you'll have a blast. Well, I remember my first day at the beach. I was ..."
     Becky stopped listening and started dreaming of pink and yellow unicorns in a field of blue cotton candy.

Page 2

     Later that morning, they arrived at the beach. As her mom struggled with the beach umbrella, cooler, sand chairs and blanket, Becky ran ahead and climbed atop a huge sand drift. She looked back, waved to her mom and sat down to play.

     She was about to dig with her shovel and pail, when the sound of cackling, noisy seagulls caught her attention.

Page 3

     Turning, she saw a young girl stumble. Her hamburger and French fries fell from her tray onto the sand.

     The seagulls surrounded her. Their wings fluttered with excitement while they pecked at the food scattered on the sand. This frightened the little girl and she started to cry.

Page 4

     Becky jumped up ready for action. She put her plastic sand pail on her head and tied her beach towel around her neck. No longer just Becky Brown, she transformed herself into SunnyGirl, superhero of the beach.

     Using her plastic shovel as a sword, she raised it high into the air and charged to the little girl's rescue. "Aaaa ... Go! Shoo! Scram! Get away from her you tupid birdies!"

Page 5

     The seagulls sensed danger. They spread their wings, ran and took off in flight, leaving the food behind.

     After helping the little girl to her feet, Becky stood there, triumphant. With her hand on her hip, sword raised overhead she yelled, "Now, don't you ever come back to my beach!"

Page 6

     Becky's mom walked up behind her. "Becky, I am so proud of you. That was a brave thing you did helping that little girl."

     Becky gave her mom the biggest, toothless smile. "Can we go to the beach now, Mommy?"

     "Sure," she said, "let's go find a perfect spot."

Page 7

    "How is this, sweetie?" Mom asked. "We're close enough to the water and not far from the lifeguards. I think it's perfect."

    "Yeah!" Becky yelled, taking the pail off her head.

Page 8

     Becky helped her Mom spread the big beach blanket on the sand. After Mom opened the giant red and yellow umbrella and stuck it in the sand, Becky jumped into its shade.

Page 9

    "Mommy, it's so hot. Can I go in the water now?"

    "Yes, but first we have to put on your sunscreen," Mom said. "You don't want to get sunburn. It's coconut scented."

    "Mmm, yummy," Becky said. "No tunburn for me, right?"


Page 10

     Becky took off her flip-flops and began to bounce up and down on the hot sand. "Ooo! Ooo! Ouch, ouch, ouch, that's hot!" she mumbled running to the water's edge.

Page 11

     She tip-toed onto the cool, wet sand and started to giggle as the loose sand went between her toes. "Ha ha that tickles," she said when a wave washed across her feet.

Page 12

     Suddenly fearless, she walked out a few steps until the ocean water was as high as her knees and started to splash the surface like she was bouncing a ball with two hands.

Page 13

     Becky turned, spotted the big red and yellow umbrella and waved to her mom who promptly waved back to her. She had her back to the waves for only a couple of seconds.


    When the next wave rolled up behind her, it swept away her feet, knocking her down into the water.

Page 15
     She tried to scream, but instead swallowed a gulp of ocean water. The ocean's current tossed her back and forth. She didn't know which way was up. When she reached out with her hand, something nipped her.

Page 16

     Ahhh ... what was that? Oh, I hope it's not a shark. What if it's a whale? What if it swallows me?

Page 17

     She opened her eyes to see what it was, but the salty water stung, so she shut them real tight. Everything turned dark again.

Page 18

     She blew bubbles from her mouth and tried to swim, but she didn't get too far.

Page 19

     The wave withdrew back into the ocean and dumped her onto the soft, wet beach.

Page 20

     Lying flat on her belly, Becky coughed sea water. Getting onto her knees she rubbed her eyes.

Page 21

     She stood up a little wobbly and spotted the next wave almost ready to crash on her. Immediately, she braced herself for the wave and almost dared it to hit her.

Page 22

     The wave broke with a thunderous crash and rolled past Becky all the way up to shore. Standing there ankle deep in ocean water stood Becky Brown, SunnyGirl, superhero.

Page 23

     When Becky looked back to find her mother, there was no big red and yellow umbrella to be found. No sand chair, and no mom.

Page 24

     Becky looked totally frazzled walking out from the water. Sand and seaweed filled her bathing suit and she felt cold and itchy.

Page 25
     When she looked up, she spotted her mom at the water's edge waving her big floppy orange hat.

Page 26
     Becky ran up the beach and into her Mom's warm embrace. "Oh, Becky, are you alright? You had me scared."


    "Come play with me in the waves, Mommy! This is the bestest vacation ever!"

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