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First you bury one, then you marry one

A chapter in the book A ROUGH BEGINNING

Chapter Thirteen - part two

by c_lucas

This novel is written in the Omniscient point of view. The story takes place is New York's Five Points Irish slums. Points of history are intermingled with fiction.

JUNE, 1875

Last Chapter: 

Heather exchanged hugs and kisses on the cheek with Caitlin. “Yeh be hearing her, me Phillip. Caitlin won’t steal yeh away if she be having some cookies.”

The soon-to-be newlyweds exchanged a parting kiss and embrace. He took Caitlin by the hand. “Cookies, it is. Yeh be getting th’ better part of th’ deal.”
Heather spied her mother across the room. Breanna had a distressed look on her face and Heather hurried to her.
Breanna smiled as Heather approached her.
“What be th’ reasons for yer frowns, Mammy?” Heather wasn’t put off by her mother’s smile.
“I be thinking Mrs. Wiley and I be having a heavy load in filling Mrs. Kennedy’s shoes.”
“I’ll be leaving yeh a copy of me journal and I’ll be sending yeh wires about things I be learning in medical college.” Heather hugged her mother and prepared to make a supreme sacrifice. “If yeh like, I can stay here so yer load would be easier.”
Mrs. Sullivan broke away from Heather’s embrace. “What’s this yeh be saying? Yeh be having a wonderful husband and a chance ta become a doctor. Don’t yeh be throwing that away because I be feeling sorry for meself. Belinda be a mite young, but she can take over some of Doreen’s duties and Doreen can be trained ta take over yers.” She grabbed Heather by her arms. “No Missy, yeh not be depriving yerself of a good marriage and a successful life. And yeh’ll not be getting out of yeh duty ta bear me grandchildren!”
Heather laughed. “Yeh not be calling me Missy in years. I see yer pride and I be having faith in yeh, Mammy. Everything be working out all right.” Mother and daughter hugged, again.

Breanna broke the embrace. “There be Conor with th’ carriage. Let’s be getting yeh ready for yer marriage. I’m sure Philip will want his wedding clothes. Conor can bring them back ta him.”
Heather pulled her mother close and kissed her on the cheeks. “I be loving yeh, Mammy.” She took Breanna’s arm and walked toward her brother. He eyed her warily. “I’ll not be forgetting yer lesson. Me Phillip said I should be thanking yeh for it. I’ll be planning ta do that when th’ time be right.” She smiled, her eyes being full of mischief.
Caitlin ran up to them. Mrs. Wiley followed.
Heather rubbed the young girl’s hair.
“Me Phillip has promised Caitlin she could ride in th’ carriage. I’ll be willing ta forget about thanking yeh if yeh let her.
Conor glanced at his sister and then at Caitlin. “It’ll be fine with me.”
Caitlin waited in the carriage with Conor while Heather and Mrs. Wiley brought Phillip’s two carpet bags out. “Where be yeh wedding dress?” the girl asked. “I be wanting ta see it.”
The bride-to-be laughed. “Well cailin, yeh’ll be having ta wait until Conor comes back ta pick us up.”
“Can I be coming back with yeh, Conor?” Caitlin asked.
“It might be making yeh trip back more comfortable,” Heather added.
Conor glared at his younger sister. “I should be adding another lesson.”
Heather rubbed her butt. “Caitlin getting a second ride, will hep me ta forget the first one.”
He climbed on the bench and put the horses in motion without making any comments.
“Did I be missing something?” Kathleen asked as they reentered Mrs. Kennedy’s old flat.
“Nay, I be putting th’ fear of Brigit in me brother’s heart. He be striking me butt and throwing me in a hay pile for getting caught in Brigit’s little shower.”
“Brigit’s wee shower, yeh be saying?” They laughed.
Mrs. Sullivan had her old wedding dress in hand when Heather and Kathleen entered laughing. “Okay, ‘Missy,’ let’s be trying this dress on.”
Heather began unbuttoning her dress. “Mammy be having some fun with me about Conor,” Heather told Kathleen as she helped remove the dress, “when I be fighting with Conor, or Arthur, she be calling me ‘Missy.’”
“Aye, her brothers be pulling her across their knees and paddling her, but they always ran the risk of being bitten.” Breanna laughed as she and Kathleen helped Heather into the wedding dress.
“I remember them being a wee bit noisy,” Kathleen replied, “especially when Heather got her teeth into one of them.”
“There be just one place I wanted ta bite, but I had ta settle for a leg.”
Breanna fastened the last hook. She stepped back. “Turn around me dear and let’s be getting a look at yeh.”
Heather felt as if she was floating on air as she turned slowly so her mother and Kathleen could admire the dress.
“It be very old. Me grandmudder received it from the mistress of the Bantry House when she cured their guest, a cousin to Maria Antonia, from a mysterious illness. Heather, me dear, yeh have studied her under the name of Marie Antoinette, who later be marrying France’s King Louis XVI.” Breanna smiled at the startled look on her daughter’s face.
“It be a family legend that th’ dress be given ta me grandmudder by the cousin herself. It be in our family since th’ seventeen-sixties. Me mudder be th’ first ta wear it and repaired it for me. Doreen and I be repairing it for yeh. Be careful, it must remain dry. Doreen be an artist th’ way she covered th’ water marks.” Breanna stopped Heather from turning.
“What be it made of Mammy?”
“It be a silk taffeta full skirt, supported by crinoline petticoats. Th’ neckline be what they call a Jewel neck line and th’ bodice is what they call darts, making for a tight fit. Th’ ribbons and trimming be silk.” She smiled at the glow in Heather’s eyes. “Yeh be looking like an Angel, me Heather. After yer wedding, yeh’ll be coming back here. Yeh are th’ third generation ta have worn this dress, me mammy, meself and yeh. I’ll be wanting ta save it for Doreen and Belinda.”
“Mammy, it’s beautiful, but don’t I be needing a veil and headdress?”
Breanna’s eyes twinkled, and her next words surprised Heather. “Brigit, would yeh work th’ same magic for me Missy yeh worked for me on me wedding day? She be scared ta ask yeh herself. Yeh might be giving her a wee necklace."
Heather’s head was covered with a pink cloud. She felt hands in her hair. Then she lost most of her vision. Breanna pulled the veil to one side and pinned it. Heather felt a garland headdress resting in her hair. Breanna led Heather over to the mirror hanging in Mrs. Kennedy’s section.
Heather’s eyes were transfixed on the headdress of shamrocks, sprinkled with four leaf clovers. Then she studied the heart shape cameo of a young woman. I be wondering if th' image be that of Marie. “It be beautiful, Brigit. I be thanking yeh.” 

A different shade of pink covered her hands and, when it cleared, Heather was holding a bouquets of Irish wildflowers. An Image of Mrs. Kennedy filled her mind. “Thank yeh for yer gift of flowers, Ma,am. Everything be beautiful.”
“Yeh’ll be having a short train of shamrocks just before yeh be walking down the aisle. Caitlin will be going in front of yeh, carrying her own botique of Irish wildflowers.”
“Did Brigit be telling yeh that, Mammy?”
“No, she be giving me pleasant memories of me wedding and I be thanking her for it. She be blessing me with a wonderful husband and beautiful children.”  She placed her hands on Heather’s shoulders and kissed her cheeks. Don’t yeh be tarrying with me grandchildren.”
“Not ta worry. With all th’ thoughts Brigit and Mrs. Kennedy be filling Phillip’s head, he’ll be getting started tonight.” Mother and daughter laughed.   
Kathleen joined them in laughter. “Aye, children be a blessing. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter. Caitlin be one smart cailin. I best be checking ta see if Conor is back. With Phillip out of th’ picture, Caitlin will be setting her cap for him and there probably won’t be any cookies left.”


Image source is Google Images.

Thank you, Nancy (N.K. Wagner) for your assistance with the wedding dress.

To tease Heather, Phillip would imitate her method of speaking.

Special thanks to FS's fellow members:
Tonulak (Ted) for his help and providing answers on Catholicism.

N.K. Wagner (Nancy) for giving me insight on how the Irish spoke in the nineteenth century.

MumEsGirl (Kate) for keeping my dialect on track.

Patrick G Cox (Patrick) for his insight into the early Catholic church in Ireland.

For the Irish FanStory members too numerous to name. For their input on 19th century Ireland.

This is a rewrite. Regular readers may not get any rewards.

Caitlin Anna Wiley will change her name to Joanna 'Jo' Wiley when she is arrested for theft of a two cent apple.

Cailin = Irish for girl.
Divil = Devil
Fader = Father
Help = hep
Me = my
Mammy = mother
Mudder = mother
Ta = to
Tay = tea
Th' = the
Yer = your
Yeh = you

This is a spin-off book concerning Heather Sullivan, a friend and mentor of Caitlin (aka Jo Wiley.) She was to be a minor character, but ended up stealing the limelight and took control of the book.
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