Fantasy Poetry posted July 13, 2012

This work has reached the exceptional level
I wrote this just for pun

Myth Gnomer

by rosehill (Wendy)

Re-Mything Our Present Contest Winner 
Myther Sherman had been mything
a week or maybe more.
His presence now at Hit or Myth
was vital to the store.

For Sherman, in his myth-spent youth,
had found the gods in hiding.
His gnome became the go-between,
to lead where they're residing.

And so we have produced a book;
the gods gave scant compliance.
With Sherman gone this just becomes
a futile myth alliance.

We needed him to bring the gods
to read the final edit.
You never want to piss them off
or give the wrong one credit.

But now our mything go-between
was chasing some young myth,
and left his trusty gnome at home;
the one he's always with.

In fact that gnome is what had made
poor Sherman a success.
For that is what he's gnome for.
Pity, things are such a mess.

Abandoned gnome--for some strange myth
about Thor's father's wake?
It has the staff quite frantic.
Is it just some sad myth take?

We'll keep Orion, Sherman's gnome.
With all that he's been through,
he might run off, Alaska bound,
which gnomes are known to do

We need the gnome to find the gods
and bless the book--we pray.
And Sherman's gone, and might be mythed,
but that's another day

We've learned he cornered Charon and
paid coin to take the ride.
Then off into the myth he rode,
that young myth at his side.

Well, Sherman's myth adventures
have come to a puzzling end.
What could have caused this error--
and did he myth apprehend?

His myth step spells disaster here.
Once Charon's trip's performed,
if you think Sherman's coming back
you're badly myth informed!

Re-Mything Our Present
Contest Winner


Couldn't help myself. In mythology, Charon poled his boat across the river styx, ferrying the souls of the dead to Hades. Never a round trip ticket. Thanks to Google for the great art.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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