Supernatural Fiction posted May 5, 2012

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Trail of Shadows

by Writingfundimension

Come July, she'd wear her garden hat and SPF 50, but on this late spring day, arms bared, her bankrupt cells absorbed the sun's liquid light.

A walkabout of the yard and plant beds revealed minimal rodent damage. Meager snow accumulation and fewer starved animals contributed to a good spring start for her fruit trees.

Piper dropped alongside a bricked platform soon to be filled with the riotous glory of fresh annuals, and adjusted her knee pads for better comfort. She scooped a handful of soil from a three-inch depth. It formed a black paste thanks to the recent rains.

Still to be inspected were the two banked beds on the western ridge of her acre of land. Due to the incline of her lawn, Piper was concerned the intermittent torrential downpours had given the soil a shallow bath rather than a good soak. She retrieved a shovel from her wheelbarrow, and began to ascend the gentle slope when a bright flash at the edge of her vision drew her attention.

"Tell them." The whisper was so close, she stepped outside its intrusion. Nearby a robin mirrored her: motionless, head cocked, waiting for a sign.

Scenes tumbled before her eyes like white-lipped rapids over resistant rocks. Piper struggled to make sense of the shapes and sounds.

The only clear image was of a brown-eyed, gray-bearded man. Sprawled at the base of a maple tree, one side of his face drooped as if the muscles had liquified. He wore blaze orange camouflage gear, and the butt end of a rifle poked out of a pile of decomposed leaves.

Within forty eight hours of her visions, she'd be contacted either by family members looking for a loved one or law enforcement personnel working a missing person's case.

The Medium's stunning success rate guaranteed a steady coming and going of both the living and deceased. Rarely did she glimpse more than puzzle pieces waiting for an omniscient hand to clarify their meaning, but she'd developed her own psychic road map which alleviated, somewhat, her acute fear of failure.

"They think I abandoned them. Tell them the truth!" The spirit's words reverberated against her skull. Piper pressed fingertips to her temple. The man's spirit was desperate, and would use her energy reserves completely if she did not ward herself against him.

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Word Count: 437

Medium: An individual held to be a channel between the earthly world and the spirit realm.

Thanks to Miki Ohno for the great artwork!
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