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Anna realizes Bobby kidnapped her.

A chapter in the book Lonely Hearts Meet

part three, Chapter 18

by barbara.wilkey

Anna is a young mother striving to find a way out of an abusive marriage. She meets a stranger, Troy. Troy fights his own demons. Can they help each other find love, or are their struggles too much?
As Anna crawled from her captor, he laughed. "You're pathetic, bitch."

Anna's eyes widened as she glared at Bobby. "You're out of prison!" My nightmare came true.

"No thanks to you." He kicked her in the stomach. "I got out on good behavior and time served." He chuckled and puffed out his chest. "I was a model inmate."

Bobby lifted Anna to her feet by her hair. "Now, I'm the judge." He threw her in a chair. "Your lies caused my parents to divorce."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"My dad found Mom's inheritance and then found the money trail where she'd paid for the attempted kidnapping. He divorced her. When Mom was served the papers, she attempted suicide. Now she's in the prison psychiatric ward."

"I'm sorry about your mom, but I didn't lie. It was her choice to hide the money and hire somebody to kidnap Michael."

"Bitch! Don't talk back to me. All this happened because you didn't know your place." He slapped her hard enough to knock her off the chair. "I'm going to teach you where you belong!"

She focused her eyes on Bobby. "I'm sure you're on parole. By kidnapping me, you'll end up back in jail."

He sneered, "That's probably true, but you'll never know. You're not getting out of here alive."

She used the back of her hand to wipe the tears and blood rolling down her cheek. "I don't deserve this."

"You're my wife."

"We're divorced." Anna glared at Bobby.

"I know about your whoring around with that Whitman bastard!"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Bobby turned around with his arms out. "You're not paying for all of this. You barely make minimum wage. You and your damn kid would starve without my paycheck."

"I make enough to pay for everything."

"You're lying." He kicked her and stomped into the bedroom.

When Bobby was out of sight, Anna used the chair to lift herself to her feet. She steadied herself against a table and then crept toward the door. She grabbed the wall to keep from falling. At the door, she unlocked and started opening it.

Bobby grabbed her and threw her to the floor. "Stupid bitch." He slammed and relocked the door, before he kicked her. "Don't try that again or I'll kill you. Now, where did you hide his clothes?"

"Only Michael and I live here." She propped herself on the floor against the wall.

"I like it here. I think I'll stay." Bobby plopped in a chair. "Then I can see who drops by."

Anna watched him scan the room.

He stood, walked over to the painting of Paul and Michael, and took it down. "Who's this?" He brought the painting to Anna and shoved it in her face.

"A friend painted it for me." She reached up to take it from him.

Bobby moved it out of her reach. "Bitch, who is it?" He kicked her.

"It's Michael, your son?"

"I know that. I ain't stupid. Who's the man? Your sugar daddy? Now, I know who's paying for this place."

"It's Paul Sorenson, my lawyer. Michael took a liking to him. He's like a grandpa."

Bobby raised the painting, smashed it over Anna's head, and slammed his fist into her jaw. "Lying bitch!"

Anna passed out from the blows. Bobby threw the broken frame and canvas out the glass sliding door.

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Thank you, Brian for allowing me to use your artwork to show the struggles Anna has breaking the chains of abuse.
This post is part three of Chapter 18, a much longer chapter. It can not stand alone. If you are just joining me, welcome, but you may be confused because this post begins with page 315 of much longer novel. I struggled as I wrote about the abuse Anna endures in this post. I'm sorry about the language, but I feel it's in character for Bobby.

Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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