Children Poetry posted February 25, 2012

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'What's All That White Stuff?

by Sandra Stoner-Mitchell

By Sandra Mitchell
What's That White Stuff?

Timmy Mouse lay wide awake in his bed,
Trying to make sense of the thoughts in his head.
Something was different, there was something not right,
It should still be dark, but it looked very light.
He went to the window, and his eyes opened wide
'What's going on? What's happened outside?'

Silently, Timmy went back to their bed
And gently shook Tommy, and quietly said,
'Don't say a word, just come follow me
There's something quite strange I want you to see.'
Tommy Mouse yawned and opened his eyes
Then looked at the clock and blinked in surprise!

'Do you see what the time is? It's quarter past six!
What's going on? Are you up to your tricks?'
He yawned and he stretched, and then rolled out of bed,
Mumbling and moaning and shaking his head.
'Where are we going? he said, in a huff.
'We're going outside, to see some white stuff.'

Outside in the garden 'twas all covered white,
Never before had they seen such a sight.
The grass and the trees were no longer green,
It looked as if something had washed them all clean.
Tommy bent down; he was feeling quite bold,
And touching the white stuff, cried, 'Ooh, it's so cold.'

I think we had better go tell Mum and Dad,
Although it looks nice, it might really be bad.'
But before they turned round, they heard Mummy say,
'What are you both doing? It's not time to play.'
They ran to their Mum, who had now come outside,
'What's all this white stuff,' the two of them cried.

'This white stuff is snow!' she squealed in delight,
Looking at everything all colored white.
'It's ever so cold,' Tommy said, bending down,
Touching the white stuff that covered the ground.
Then Daddy was there, and he laughed at them all
'Come on you three, let's make a snowball.'

Timmy and Tommy stood watching, while Mum
Helped Daddy make snow balls, it looked such great fun.
'Come on now, you two; just roll balls of snow,
They're easy to make, come on, have a go.'
They all made snowballs to throw at each other.
Tommy made big ones, to throw at his brother.

They went in for breakfast, of porridge and toast,
Then got themselves dressed, and put on their coats.
'We are going to see if our friends want to play.
It will be really funny to hear what they say!
And if they all come and play at our house,
Daddy can help us build a snowmouse!'

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