Children Poetry posted January 28, 2012

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The little animals are bored

Daddy Mouse has an Idea

by Sandra Stoner-Mitchell

Daddy Mouse Has An Idea.
By Sandra Mitchell.

'What's going on here?' Daddy Mouse cried,
'Why aren't you children playing outside?
It's a fine summer's day - You could have lots of fun.
Come on - off you go now, go out in the sun!'
'There's nothing to do, we're bored,' Timmy sighed.
'Nothing to do! Are you sure?' he replied.

Reggie the Rat, said, 'Mr Mouse, it is true,
We've all tried to think, but, there's nothing to do!'
Millie and Vicky were quick to agree,
And Cyril was nodding and said so did he!
'Well, this is a fine thing,' Daddy Mouse was amazed,
'It wasn't like this in my younger days.'

Daddy Mouse went over and sat in his chair,
Then scratched at his chin, and twiddled his hair.
He sighed, and he hummed, and tugged at his ear,
Then suddenly smiled, he'd had an idea!
'What about...' he said slowly, watching their eyes,
'We camp by the stream, and sleep under the sky?'

The children jumped up and down with delight,
'Can we really go camping and stay out all night?'
'You must ask your mothers, and if they say you can,
I'll get it all ready and load up the van.'
Timmy and Tommy, their eyes opened wide,
Said that would be better than staying inside.

Each of the mothers agreed that they could,
And packed them a picnic to eat in the wood.
Plenty of water, biscuits and cakes
And even remembered to pack paper plates.
Then they were ready - they climbed in the van,
As they waved to their mums, their adventure began.

Daddy Mouse told them to all gather round,
Saying, 'Now we must pitch the tent on the ground.
Then when we have finished, and put everything in
Would anyone here like to go for a swim?'
'Yes please,' they all shouted in chorus as one.
'Right, the sooner we start, the quicker it's done!'

The children worked well, so it didn't take long,
They laughed as they worked, while singing a song.
Then when they were finished, the tent now erect
With everything tidy and everything checked.
'Well done,' Daddy smiled. Now let's have that swim.'
And they took off their shoes and went splashing in.

That night as they sat around the camp fire,
Watching the flames flicker higher and higher
They each told a story of ghosts in the night,
Each hoping that theirs would give the best fright.
Then Millie Mole yawned, 'I'm sleepy,' she said.
So Daddy Mouse told them,'Time now for bed.'

They woke in the morning to a bright sunny day,
And went for a swim before packing away.
Then they had breakfast and one final song,
Before Daddy Mouse said, 'It's time we were gone.'
Timmy and Tommy ran up to their dad,
Shouting, 'This is the best time that we've ever had!

Can we do it again, and stay longer next time?
A week, maybe two, would be perfectly fine.'
Daddy Mouse laughed, 'Perhaps, we will see,
But only if all of your mothers agree.'
The children cheered, they all knew they would,
They'd make sure by being especially good!


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