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A Transformers Prime fan fiction

A chapter in the book Game-Changer

Everything Changes

by phred

The door burst open and two medics charged through, followed by a gurney propelled by three more medics and two camo-clad soldiers. One of the men paused to hold the door open for Arcee, in her vehicle mode, engine turned off to avoid startling everyone around her, pushed by a third soldier.

On the gurney, a black-haired head lolled, jostled by the movements of the frantic medics.

"Obviously, we can't enter the operating room." The woman pushing Arcee slowed as the medics rushed their patient down the long hallway. "I'll take you to a waiting room."

"Thank you, Airman." Arcee kept her voice low, but that was the only control she exerted over it. Had she been physically capable of crying, she would've let the tears flow and not given a damn who witnessed it.

"Any time. And please, call me Carla."

"Okay, Carla. Would you be able to take me to a secure comm system so I can contact my base? My internal comlink was damaged in the fight, and my autorepair system is busy with higher-priority functions."

"Sure." Carla passed a door, made a right turn at the next, and guided Arcee down another long corridor. Some of the base's medical staff hurried back and forth, only a few of them giving her more than a cursory glance. The personnel here had already been briefed on the existence of Earth's newest residents and their battle to protect their new home.

Minutes later, Carla opened one last door and pushed Arcee inside. The ceiling was high enough for her to shift back into her primary mode, which she did slowly, trying to keep the noise of the transformation to a minimum. She bumped her head on the ceiling and crouched before taking a quick look around. Several couches and chairs lined three of the walls, with a table in the center, and a large TV hung on the fourth wall.

Carla pointed at the TV. "That screen is connected to a computer with video phone capability. Just make sure it's set on HDMI-4."

"Thanks." Arcee sat in front of the TV, looking at the CPU tower on the shelf beneath it and the keyboard on the wheeled cart to the left.

"You're welcome." Carla walked over to her and reached up to touch her shoulder. "We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything about your friend's condition."

Arcee tried to smile. "Thanks."

Carla nodded, smiled, and walked out the door. Arcee waited for her footsteps to fade away and contacted the Autobot base.

Optimus Prime appeared in a new window on the screen. "Arcee, how are you holding up?"

"I' one piece."

Prime's next words came in a much softer tone. "How is Jack? Are his bad as they looked?"

"I don't know for certain, yet. He'll probably be in surgery for a while. You saw his legs, though. It's bad."

Prime closed his eyes and lowered his head for a moment. "How did this happen?"

"It was an ambush. I picked Jack up at the hellhole he's stuck working in, and was bringing him home. Barely drove a mile before the Decepticons dropped on us. A dozen Vehicons came out of nowhere and surrounded us." Arcee shook her head. She didn't want to remember those terrible moments at the end of the battle. She wanted to delete it from her memory.

But if she did that, she'd lose more than a traumatic memory. She would lose the rage that it inspired in her, and the need to make the 'Cons pay for what they had done.

So, she forced herself to describe what had happened. But she also remembered the more pleasant moments before the ambush.

She felt it was the only way to avoid losing her fragging mind....


Earlier that afternoon...

"Not that son of a bitch again," Arcee grumbled as a familiar car rumbled up to the window. She'd sat here in the parking lot all day, waiting for Jack's shift at the burger joint to end. Passing the time by listening in on conversations whenever Jack was taking orders at the drive-up window, and letting a podcast run in the background the rest of the time. She'd picked up several from a set of speakers inside the burger joint, and had found them entertaining enough to stream every day while Jack worked.

And now that the end was in sight--only five minutes left until Jack could clock out--that bully Vince had driven up in the muscle car his daddy had no doubt bought for him. A blond girl rode in the passenger seat, blowing a bubble, popping it, and continuing to chew while watching Jack, looking at him but not really seeing him.

In the back seat was another girl, clinging to one of Vince's jock buddies. Arcee didn't know the girl's name, but had seen her numerous times. The guy was different from the one she'd clung to in recent weeks, the fifth in a series of guys Arcee had spotted her with since the day she'd met Jack. She'd never seen this guy before, but with a mental shrug, Arcee noted him down as the girl's latest Penis of the Month.

And now that she thought about it, the girl in the front seat was the third one Vince had picked up in the last couple of weeks.

Oy. A sudden realization made Arcee want to shudder. I'm following these kids' social lives like soap opera.  Jack and both need vacation.

"Hurry it up," Vince snapped before turning to share a knowing smirk with the rest of the car's occupants.

"Yeah, here it is," Jack said, his voice grating with the effort it took to remain civil. He held four bags out to Vince, and the bully snapped them out of his hands and sneered.

"They better not be cold this time. If they're cold, I'm having a talk with your manager."

The couple in the back seat snickered.

Arcee had to suppress a snarl. You little bastard. Keep it up and you'll find yourself wearing your rectum like necklace.

"They just came out of the oven," Jack said, fixing a scowl on Vince as he held out a handful of change. "They're not cold."

"You better watch that attitude of yours." Vince jabbed a finger at Jack. "That's not good customer service. Keep up the rudeness and I might have to complain to your boss."

Refusing to stand there and take your abuse amounts to "bad customer service."  Right.  For a moment, Arcee considered starting her engine, firing up her Sadie hologram, and doing something to scare the crap out of that punk. Maybe a full-speed charge straight at the car and a last-instant jump over it....

"Have a nice day," Jack said through clenched teeth, took off his headset and walked away from the window.

Vince and his friends laughed uproariously.

By the most beautiful coincidence ever, the Legion of News podcast's host grumbled, "Aaaaaugh, god damn, people are stupid!" and Arcee burst out laughing.

Still laughing, Vince popped the clutch and screeched away from the window and down the street, shoving his left arm out his window and extending his middle finger at the space Jack had just vacated. Another burst of anger surged through Arcee, but she reigned herself in. Barely.

Jack appeared from around the corner a moment later, slipping on his black jacket and running a hand through his hair. He glanced in the direction the bully had gone, scowling, and shook his head as he reached Arcee.

"Yeah, I know," she said as he picked up his helmet. "I heard the whole thing."

"It's really getting old. The only reason I haven't punched him in the face is because he'll probably beat the crap out of me. And even if he doesn't, I'd lose my job. Maybe get a visit from the police. Or he'd just get a bunch of his buddies and corner me somewhere at school." He put the helmet on and climbed onto her. "But you know...the more he does stuff like this, the more I want to pop him one anyway. There'll come a time when I won't be able to stop myself."

"I really wish you didn't have to put up with that stuff."

"Me, too. That's the worst thing about jobs like this. The customers can verbally abuse you as much as they want, but if you dare to stand up for yourself, the boss chews you out or even fires you." He let out a long sigh. "Sometimes, I wish I had a TARDIS and a box of wire coat hangers."

Arcee snickered. "Wow. You're developing quite a way with words."

"Well, the customers inspire me." Jack grinned. "Also, I think Rick Emerson is kinda rubbing off on me."

"Glad I overheard someone in there playing one of his shows. It definitely makes the hours I spend sitting here pass a lot faster."

"Sure does. Seven bucks a month to subscribe to a podcast is a lot when you're on minimum wage, but his show is worth every penny."

"It does seem like a good way to get your mind off the crap you have to endure at work." She played back the bit that had cracked her up a few minutes ago, and Jack laughed.

"That one's from last year; one of my favorites. I need to excerpt that line and use it as a ringtone."

She chuckled and eased out of the parking lot. "So, where to? Home, grocery store...?"

"Actually, if you wouldn't mind heading out of town for a few minutes, I'd like to find someplace quiet to just sit and have a moment of Zen. Maybe watch the sunset, while we're there."

"Sounds good." She plotted a course that would take them to the desert terrain outside of Jasper. "No crises, no being shot at, no sitting here, overhearing people yell at you and insult you, and not be able to do anything to stop it."

"Yeah. It's good to just get away from it all every once in a while. Even if it's only for a few minutes." He hesitated before adding, in a softer tone, "Especially if it's a few quiet minutes with you."

Had she not been in her alt-mode, she would've raised a brow plate. There was something about the way he'd said that, and the image it brought to her mind--and the warm feeling that rose up in her...she couldn't identify the sensation, having never experienced it before.

Well, not before she met Jack. Odd, that.

But she liked it.

"Yeah," she answered, matching his tone, "I'd definitely enjoy that."

They cruised slowly through town, staying at the speed limit, taking their time. Not having to get somewhere at a dead run was a relief in itself.

A relief that, naturally, didn't last long. Arcee's proximity scans suddenly received multiple pings as they reached the edge of town, and she slowed even more.

"Arcee? What's wrong?" Jack frowned and took a slow look around. He knew her well enough by now to pick up changes in her mood even when she was in her alt-mode.

"Proximity alerts--a dozen of 'em."


"That's what my sensors are set for." She sighed. "Good thing we're not heading to your house."

"Yeah--or your base."

"Contact left."

Jack turned his head as a pair of Vehicons in their car modes appeared from around a corner, two blocks away. He faced forward and his mouth fell open. "Four more up ahead."

"And four to the rear, plus two more on the right."

Jack glanced right, then into the rearview mirrors. "Oh, hell."

"Okay, here we go. Once we're outside of town, you know the drill." She increased her speed, zipping between two of the sleek black cars ahead--then, when they left Jasper behind, she let it all hang out, surging along the road at maximum speed.

Jack gripped her handlebars and leaned forward, doing what he could to make himself a harder target.

The twelve 'Cons sped after her, but couldn't overtake her--yet. She tried to contact the Autobot base, but the 'Cons were jamming her.

"I can't get through to Ratchet or Prime. Gotta take these clowns out first." She turned toward the cliffs in the distance. "Okay, Jack, as soon as we reach cover, you hide while I deal with them."

"Arcee, there's too many of 'em! Let's just--"

"I can't call for backup as long as they're jamming me, and I won't risk leading them to your house or our base. Our only chance is for me to disable their jammers and get a message through."

Jack hesitated for several seconds before releasing a frustrated groan. "Okay."

"Good. I'll be a lot more effective if I don't have to worry about you being hurt." She scanned the stretch of desert ahead and detected a small opening at the base of the nearby cliff--large enough for Jack to fit into, but narrow enough and deep enough to prevent the Decepticons from reaching in and grabbing him. "Okay, get ready."

She fishtailed, sending up a cloud of dirt to obscure her next move, which was to charge straight for the opening. Once there, she turned sideways and skidded, throwing up more dust.


Jack dismounted and reached up to take his helmet off.

"Keep that on for a sec." Arcee scanned him and modified her Sadie hologram, projecting an image of Jack on her seat. "Okay, hide--and no matter what, don't let them see you."

He removed his helmet, giving her a worried look, and reached out to place his hand on the side of her gas tank. "Be careful."

"I'll be fine as long as you're safe. Now, hide!" She turned and punched it as he squeezed into the crack in the rocks, heading off at an angle that took her away from both Jack and the oncoming Vehicons. If they bothered to scan her, they'd know that Jack wasn't with her, but she held out the faint hope that they wouldn't be that smart.

And as she'd expected, they continued to gain on her even though she was running at full throttle.

But then, six of them broke off and headed straight for Jack's location.

"Oh, shit." Arcee changed course to pursue the ones who'd veered off.

The rest of the 'Cons stayed behind her and deployed their cannons.

won't get to him in time.  Damnit!  She dodged the first salvo from the ones pursuing her and headed for a sloping chunk of rock off to the right. She raised her front wheel a split-second before she hit it, climbed the rock like a ramp, and launched into the air. She shifted into her robot mode and aimed her arm cannons at the Vehicons ahead.

Three of them hit their brakes and transformed, while the other three continued on to Jack's hiding place.

Arcee aimed both blasters at the same point on the nearest one's face and ripped out a continuous stream into his optics and out the back of his head. The others hesitated, turning to stare at him as he collapsed, probably startled at how easily she'd dropped him.

She retracted one cannon and extended a blade as she came down on the second 'Con, cleaving the top of his head. He staggered, but remained upright--until she shoved her other cannon into his neck and blew most of it away. She shoved him aside and he fell, the remains of his neck shearing off on impact with the ground.

The third Vehicon, panicking, fired wildly. She spun and twisted, avoiding the blasts, and returned fire. She scored a few hits that drove him back and knocked him off balance. He recovered, but not before she plowed into him. He swung his right fist at her, but she blocked it and drove her fingertips through his optics. His body convulsed and went limp, sparks flaring inside his head and energon leaking from the hole she'd just punched through his face.

Six rumbling engines came up behind her and stopped. She turned to face them. They shifted into their primary modes and stomped forward.

She reentered her alt-mode and zoomed off to catch up with the other 'Cons before they reached Jack, leaving the other six in the dust. She got to them just as one of them stopped outside Jack's hiding place and extended his arm cannon.

She shifted out of bike mode and drove her feet into the ground, launching herself back into the air. Her forward momentum carried her into the Vehicon's back and the impact threw him face-first into the cliff wall.

The other two tackled her and pushed her away. She hacked at them with her blades and they lurched away and tried to bring their guns to bear. She lunged at the nearer 'Con, grabbed the barrel of his gun and forced it upward, shoved her own cannon under his chin, and sent a blast out the top of his head.

She moved on to the next before his body started to fall.

An impact from behind--one of the other six slamming into her. She rolled across the ground and came to a stop face-down. She pushed herself up onto her hands and knees--and all eight Vehicons piled on top of her, forcing her back down, grinding her face into the dirt.

Immobilizing her.

Jack! If they finished her off, he would die. Come on, don't panic. She pushed against the ground, raising herself an inch or two...but the combined mass of her enemies held her down.

"Arcee!" Jack's scream was followed by the sound of human footsteps approaching.

She gasped. Jack, what the hell are you doing? She tried to wrench herself free of the Vehicons' grip, but couldn't budge. Too many of them!  Jack...

A small thump came from somewhere above, and the weight on her shifted. She turned her head, trying to get a glimpse of what was happening. Finally, she spotted Jack--hanging on to one of the 'Cons' legs and trying to climb it.

"What--Jack, no! Don't!"

The 'Con turned his head, trying to see what had just grabbed onto him.

"Hold still," one of the others said, reaching over as Jack pulled himself up to the 'Con's waist. The other Vehicon swatted him, the impact shooting him through the air. He hit the ground ten yards away, rolled to a stop--and didn't get up.

"Jack!" Arcee froze, staring at his limp body, horrified.

Then horror gave way to rage.

Screaming, she threw herself from side to side, forward and back, wrenching herself out of the Vehicons' grasp. One of them lost his grip on her right arm, giving her just enough freedom of motion to strike. Her blade tore into his neck, not quite cutting all the way through, but destroying enough vital components to make it a fatal blow. A shower of sparks, a spray of energon, and the 'Con flopped over onto his back, now little more than a chunk of scrap metal.

The rest shifted their grips, trying to keep her pinned down, but that only gave her more wiggle room. She pulled her left arm in, yanking one of the 'Cons toward her, jammed her cannon into his chest and burned through his armor until she reached his spark chamber--then she rammed her fist inside and ripped the spark out of his chest.

Hands grasped her arms, pulling her away from him, but far too late. She cocked her right leg back and drove it into a Vehicon's chest, knocking him off his feet. She turned to the one on her left and cocked her fist back. He tried to dodge the blow, but she angled it downward, crashing her fist into the back of his head and slamming him into the ground hard enough to put a crater in the dirt.

She looked around; none of the others were near her. She gasped and turned to find Jack--and the 'Cons were running straight at him.

He pushed himself up onto his left elbow, shook his head, and rubbed a hand over his face. "What the hell--?"

"Jack! Run!"

One of the 'Cons reached him, coming up on him from behind, and raised his left foot, preparing to stomp Jack into the ground.

No! Arcee whipped her guns back out and drilled through the Vehicon's head. The body sagged, slumped forward, and fell to its knees.

Then it toppled over--falling straight toward Jack.

Arcee bolted toward him. "Jack! Get out of there! Jack--run!" One of the 'Cons blocked her path and she backhanded him, sending him into a backflip and landing him face-down.

Jack shook his head again and turned to look over his shoulder. He saw the 'Con falling toward him and froze. His eyes opened wider and his jaw dropped.

"Jack, move! Get out of--Jack! Move! Jack!"

The dead Vehicon crashed down on Jack's legs. He bolted upright and let out a long, drawn-out scream.

Arcee lifted the 'Con off him, flung it aside, fell to her knees beside him, caught his hand and held it gently as he flopped onto his back, still screaming. She opened her mouth, but couldn't get her voice to work.

She barely heard the approaching footsteps, some of them moving in front of her, surrounding her.

"I'm so sorry, Jack," she finally whispered.

His screaming stopped, but only because he was barely conscious now.

Distantly, she heard the multiple clicks of the Decepticons deploying their blasters and pointing them at her. She glared up at the five remaining 'Cons. As much as she wanted to tear them apart with her bare hands, Jack didn't have that much time.

"Walk away." Fury turned her voice as cold as the surface of her dead homeworld. "If you want to see tomorrow, walk away now."

One of them took a step back, but regained his composure almost instantly. The rest stood their ground.

If that's the way it has to be...let's get this over with.  Arcee stood slowly.

Three of them directly in front of her adjusted their aim as she moved.

She charged just as they opened fire. She dropped under the beams and slid across the ground, plowing into their legs and knocking them over like bowling pins. She planted her feet under her and was back upright in a split-second, unloading a relentless barrage into their backs until they collapsed, molten metal dripping from the glowing edges of their wounds.

She looked up and found the last two Vehicons. They exchanged a glance and backed up a few more steps.

She launched herself at the nearer one.

"Shit!" he blurted an instant before she slammed into him. She extended her blade and plunged it into his chest with enough force to lift him off the ground. She pulled the blade out--and drove it back in, again and again and again, until the Decepticon fell to his knees, energon vomiting from a dozen gaping holes in his torso.

Arcee toppled the body with a casual shove and advanced on the final Vehicon. He retracted his guns, held his hands up, and backed away from her.

"I surrender!"

"I don't care." She continued her inexorable march toward him.

"Mercy!" He stumbled and fell, kept one hand up and tried to scoot away from her.

She planted her knee on his chest, pinning him down.


"No second chances." She put her gun under his chin, blew the top of his head off, and returned to Jack without giving the body another glance. She kneeled beside him, touched his hand gently, and tried to contact the Autobot base.

No longer jammed--but her internal comlink had been damaged in the fight and couldn't get a signal out.

"Jack? Can you hear me?"

He moaned, but didn't open his eyes.

She trailed a fingertip across his cheek, barely brushing his skin. "Jack? Oh, please don't--" Her voice broke and she tried to regain control of herself. "Don't leave me!"

He opened his eyes slowly, twisting his face up, clearly in horrible pain. He smiled up at her, but it was shaky and lasted only a second or two. He looked around, taking in the scrapped Decepticons all around them, and moved his mouth for several seconds before he could speak.

"Got 'em?"

"Yeah. All of them."

He smiled again. "That's...that's my girl." He started to fade out again.

"Jack, stay with me! Please tell me you've got your phone on you! My comlink's been disabled."

Groaning, trembling, he reached under his jacket and pulled his phone out. It slipped from his hand and bounced on the ground.

Arcee picked it up, eased it open, and gingerly dialed Raf's phone. Come on, come onpick it up.

"Hey, Jack," Raf said after the second ring. "What's up?"

"Raf, it's Arcee. We were ambushed, my comm doesn't work. Tell Prime that Jack's badly injured. Have him contact Fowler; we need Jack airlifted out of here immediately."

"One sec." Raf's voice became fainter as he turned away from the phone. "Optimus! Jack's hurt--he needs an air ambulance." He returned to his phone. "Ratchet's contacting Fowler now. Wouldn't it be faster to bridge him back here, then straight to a hospital where people already know about you? Like, the new Groom Lake base?"

"I don't think moving him is a good idea. I'd rather leave it to the medical professionals." She looked around at the Vehicons. "We'll also need a cleanup before any humans arrive; there's a dozen dead 'Cons here."

"I'll let Optimus know. Hang in there, Arcee."

"Thanks. See you soon." She closed the phone and slipped it back into Jack's pocket. Then she held his hand and waited for her friends. "Hang on, Jack. Help's on the way."


"And that's about it. You arrived a few minutes later, and then the air ambulance from Groom Lake, and I rode it back here with Jack." Arcee shook her head and wished there was something nearby for her to punch. "I still can't believe he tried to attack one of the 'Cons. When they let me see him, I want to ask him what the hell he was thinking."

"His concern for you overrode his common sense." Prime's expression softened. "No one is immune to that, and we all make mistakes. Do not be too hard on Jack--or yourself."

"If he doesn't sur--" She cut herself off and covered her face with her hands. "Tailgate, Cliff, and now Jack...I'll never forgive myself."

"He is strong. Do not lose hope."

"Right." She took another moment to pull herself together again. "Anyway, it'll probably be a while before he can have visitors. I'll give you an update as soon as I know anything."

"Very well. In the meantime, is there anything we can do?"

Arcee mulled it over for a long moment before answering. "Would you speak to Fowler? I want to tell Jack's mother what happened. He could be stuck here for months, and if he loses both legs..." She shook her head quickly. "She deserves to know--not to spend months wondering why her son disappeared, thinking he might be dead, or living with some bullshit cover story cooked up by the government." Arcee stared at Prime's image. "She needs to know everything, and I want to be the one who tells her."

Okay, after pondering it for a long time, I finally decided to start posting this stuff here. It's something I started writing just for the hell of it around six months ago, when I was in the middle of a severe case of writer's block. Could barely make any progress on my novel, but oddly, once I got going on this one, it just kept flowing. Maybe I just needed to try something different, or something that didn't put any pressure on me to write a book I would then have to try to sell along with my previous three books. It got a pretty good reaction on, so I figured, what the hell, maybe I should toss it up here and see what happens.

Now, here's a quick primer for anyone who's unfamiliar with the show:

Based on Transformers Prime, which will begin its second season in February. Set on present-day Earth, the story begins in the town of Jasper, Nevada, with three humans stumbling into the middle of a war between two factions of giant robots. The war has raged for thousands of years and eventually consumed the robots' homeworld. A few survivors from both sides of the war found their way to Earth a few years ago, and made it their new home.

Cybertron--homeworld of the giant alien robots. Devastated by the civil war between the two factions its people had split into:

Autobots--Autonomous Robotic Organisms. The good guys. They have contact with the United States government, which is keeping their existence secret from the public. Five 'Bots set up a base in an abandoned military installation in the desert outside Jasper--Optimus Prime, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee--and as far as they know, they're among the only Autobot survivors of the war.

Decepticons--The bad guys. Vastly outnumber the Autobots, with far greater resources and a huge ship, the Nemesis, which acts as their base of operations.

Megatron--Leader of the 'Cons. Pure evil, complete monster, and full-on insane. Is currently in the Cybertronian equivalent of a coma after a massive explosion in space damn near killed him, but he could reboot at any moment.

Starscream--Meg's second in command, currently in charge while the boss is offline. Weaselly, backstabbing bastard who wants to take control of the Decepticons permanently.

Jackson Darby--high school student and part-timer at KO Burgers, the first of the human civilians to get caught between the 'Bots and 'Cons. Arcee was given the job of protecting him after enemy forces saw them together, making him a potential target.

Miko Nakadai--a year younger than Jack, reckless to the point of being a female Leroy Jenkins. Always running into the thick of things simply because it's awesome and she wants to snap some pictures of giant robots fighting for her photo album. Bulkhead ended up with the job of keeping her safe, which she tends to make rather difficult.

Raf Esquivel--12-year-old who got caught up in the battle and was brought to the Autobot base for protection. Computer hacker and gamer--and unlike most teenage/child hackers as they're depicted in movies and TV, he's quiet and mild-mannered. Bumblebee became his guardian, and he's the only human who can understand Bee's beep/buzz/whistle/honk speech, though even he doesn't know how.

Optimus Prime--Autobot leader. Stoic but compassionate. Has a tendency for speechifying and usually seems a bit wooden (though I'm slipping him a very subtle sense of humor here).

Arcee--Second in commmand and Jack Darby's protector. One of the younger Cybertronians on Earth, a bit hot-headed, but also one of the most badass of the whole bunch.

Agent Fowler--government liaison with the Autobots.

June Darby--Jack's mother, a nurse at the hospital in Jasper.

Energon--the primary power source for Cybertronians. Powers their weapons, their ships, even their bodies, which it flows through in a manner similar to blood. Is also quite volatile if not handled properly. A few quarts of the stuff detonating would be enough to send Schwarzeneggar, Stallone, and Willis into orbit.

Airachnid--formerly a Decepticon, she left the faction after Cybertron fell, and is now a loose cannon. Has developed a fondness for hunting other species for sport; in the episode, "Predatory," viewers caught a glimpse of several alien severed heads floating in display tanks on her ship. Bumped into Arcee after crash-landing her ship, and all hell broke loose. Managed to escape after being badly wounded, but it's only a matter of time before she resurfaces.

Other characters, such as Carla and General Sanchez and Major McKenna, are original characters and have never appeared on the show.
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