Children Poetry posted January 11, 2012

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Timmy Mouse goes looking for Elves

Lost in the Woods

by Sandra Stoner-Mitchell

Reggie the Rat had sat on his log,
just passing the day by Popsicorn Bog.
When he heard someone shout, calling a name;
he stood up to listen, then heard it again...
"Timmy! Where are you?" he heard Tommy's cry,
and Reggie ran over before he went by.

"What's up?" Reggie puffed, when he got to his side.
"I can't find my brother," sad Tommy replied.
"I must find him soon or our mum will be cross;
he went for a walk but he must have got lost."
"I'll help you to find him." And then Reggie said,
"I'd not be surprised if he's back home in bed!"

Well, they looked under bushes, they searched behind trees,
they rummaged in ditches all filled up with leaves.
They shouted his name as loud as they could,
hoping Timmy was near but hid by the wood.
Now Reggie was worried, but what could he do?
What they needed, he thought, was some kind of clue.

"What was he wearing?" he asked with a frown.
"Clothes to go swimming, or clothes for the town,
clothes to go climbing, or just for a stroll,
or clothes to go courting...with Millie the Mole?"
Tommy turned round and looked at his friend,
and wondered if Reggie had gone round the bend!

"Has Timmy gone courting! What do you mean?
He just wore his normal...t-shirt and jeans.
He went out to look for the Elves in the wood
I should have gone too--he said that I could.
But I wouldn't go, I thought it was daft...
and I knew if I told you, you would have laughed."

"Why would I laugh at you? Why didn't you say?
I know exactly where the little Elves play.
Come on, I'll show you, but doesn't he know
that Elves don't like us to see where they go?
We'll walk on our tiptoes, we won't say a word,
just be very quiet, we mustn't be heard."

Tommy Mouse felt his poor heart miss a beat
while walking on tiptoes, not flat on his feet.
Silently, slowly, they both crept along,
knowing that what they were doing was wrong.
"I should have gone with him," he quietly said,
wringing his hands and then shaking his head.

Reggie took hold of his arm and said, "Shush!
The Elves live just there, behind that red bush.
Stay here and keep guard while I try to creep
as close as I can to take a quick peep.
And if I see Timmy, then we'll make a plan
to grab him and run just as fast as we can."

As Tommy agreed, bravely Reggie went off.
He hadn't gone far when he heard Tommy cough!
The noise was like thunder; birds flew from the trees,
and Reggie ran off to hide under some leaves.
Poor Tommy just stood there, his eyes round with fear
as he watched all the Elves come steadily near.

Slowly, they came--by the hundreds, it seemed,
and Tommy felt sure he was going to scream.
But, suddenly, he heard an Elf say his name...
"It's Tommy...and look both the same.
It's like Timmy told us, it really is true:
you could be Timmy, and he could be you!"

Then Timmy was there, with a smile on his face.
"I told you I'd find them. This is the place.
They really are nice, they gave me some tea.
There's plenty more left, come with me and see."
"Thank goodness you're safe," Tommy said to his twin.
"I was so worried..." Then he started to grin.

"Put me down! Put me down!" they heard Reggie cry,
and turning, they saw him appearing to fly.
The Elves had seen Reggie hide under the leaves,
and now flew him up right on over the trees.
Everyone laughed when the Elves brought him down,
with a soft gentle landing, onto the ground.


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This is one of the stories in my 'Hedgerow Capers' book for children, it is fully illustrated by Corrina's Creations, she has done a marvelous job with all eleven stories doing almost 30 illustrations altogether. After getting the SoQ for the eleven stories, I sent them out to publishers and they were taken up with Melrose Publishers. I had my book signing in 'Waterstones' in Southampton, it was so exciting. It's also sold on line at Amazon and other mainstream shops, like Smiths in the UK. Hope you enjoyed this one.
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