Children Poetry posted January 8, 2012

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Cyril the Squirrel has chickenpox

What Are All Those Spots?

by Sandra Stoner-Mitchell

'What Are All Those Spots?'
By Sandra Mitchell

It was Saturday morning, a bright sunny day
when Timmy and Tommy Mouse raced out to play.
Just then Mrs Squirrel arrived on her bike,
and told them that Cyril could play if they'd like.
'Knock the door loudly,' she smiled, and then said,
'Cyril is still fast asleep in his bed.'

Now, Timmy and Tommy were really surprised,
as Cyril was often the first one to rise.
But his Mummy said, 'School has tired him out,
so if knocking won't wake him, you'll both have to shout.
I'm off to the shops to buy some fresh nuts,
so I'd better be going in case the shop shuts.'

At Cyril the Squirrel's they knocked on the door,
and waited and waited, then knocked a bit more.
Still they heard nothing, not the teeniest sound,
so Tommy picked up a stone from the ground.
He threw it up gently to tap on the glass,
then they waited until a few moments had passed.

Tommy then muttered, 'What shall we do now?'
When suddenly, Cyril said, 'What's all that row?
Can't a chap sleep? What is the time?'
And Tommy called back; 'It's a quarter past nine!
What are you doing still lying in bed?
Come on, get up, you old sleepy head.'

Now, Cyril the Squirrel was not feeling good,
and his tail didn't bristle the way that it should.
He opened the door to let his friends in,
but when the boys saw him they started to grin.
'Oh, Cyril,' they laughed, 'you're covered in spots,
all over your face, you've got lots and lots!'

Cyril put both hands right up to his face,
and sure enough, they were all over the place.
'Oh dear!' He cried, 'what have I done?
What are all these spots? Where is my Mum?'
Just then Mrs Squirrel came back from the shops,
and smiled when she saw her son covered in spots.

'Don't worry,' she told him, 'you're not on your own,
I saw Mrs Mole as I cycled back home,
She told me that Millie has also got spots
and the Doctor decided she'd caught chickenpox.'
Turning towards Timmy and Tommy, she said,
'You'd better be off now, and, Cyril, back to bed!'

They told Cyril they'd see him when his spots were all gone'
and Cyril replied, 'I hope it's not long.'
Then Timmy and Tommy went on their way,
and thought they'd ask Reggie the Rat out to play.
But round at his house, his Mother said, 'No,
Reggie has chickenpox, so you'd both better go.'

'What about Vicky the Vole?' Timmy said,
But when they got there, she was in bed.
'We might just as well go home,' Tommy sighed,
'My head hurts me now.' 'So does mine,' Timmy cried.
And when they reached home, their Mummy could tell,
by the spots on their faces ...they'd caught it as well!


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I made up these stories when my first grand daughter was a toddler. Now I am testing the waters to see if they are any good to be published. I would like to see them illustrated, but have no idea how to do that, all I know is, I can't draw at all! Suggestions would be most welcome.
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