Children Poetry posted December 2, 2011

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Individuel poetry stories of the Hedgerow animals

Timmy and Tommy Mouse

by Sandra Stoner-Mitchell

By Sandra Mitchell

Timmy was playing outside with his twin,
Tommy Mouse, who looked exactly like him.
They were out in the garden climbing up trees,
When Mummy Mouse called to them, 'Come in for tea,
It's cheese-straws and fruitcake, your favourite today.
When you've finished I'll let you go back out to play.'

Now Timmy and Tommy were ever so good,
And came straight away like little boys should
They ate up their tea and drank up their drink,
Then took their plates over to put in the sink.
From a knock at the door they heard Mummy say,
'It's Cyril the Squirrel, he wants you to play.'

Mummy called out when they went through the gate,
'Bath time at seven, bed time at eight.
Make sure you're home with time left to spare,'
And Timmy and Tommy said they would be there.
The three friends went off, linking their arms
To play on the haystacks down on the farm.

Down at the farm lived Millie the Mole
Next door to her best friend, Vicky the Vole.
Vicky was bored and said, `What shall we do?`
And Millie just shrugged, she hadn't a clue.
Then they heard laughter from over the back,
And went round to see the boys climb the haystack.

The boys saw the girls were heading their way,
And decided between them, to ask them to play.
'With five of us playing, we will have much more fun,
Playing hide and go seek, four hiding from one.'
'Well I'd like to play,' laughed Millie the Mole,
'And count me in too,' called Vicky the Vole.

The friends played together for more than an hour,
Hiding in corn fields and the old water tower.
Timmy and Tommy Mouse hid in the wood,
Though Cyril the Squirrel, as seeker, was good.
But Millie and Vicky just couldn't be found,
They'd hidden away in a hole in the ground!

The three boys gave up, the two girls had won,
They all laughed together, the game had been fun.
'We'll do it again, or play something new,'
Said Timmy to Tommy and the other friends too.
But now it was time to go home for them all,
Tomorrow was everyone's first day at school.

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