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Short story about a small dragon and a fly

A chapter in the book The dragon Mareng

A dragon and a fly

by robina1978

Mareng is a dragon. An only child.
He learns all kind of things when he is getting older, partly at school. Will develop as it goes on.
Once upon a time there was a young dragon, called Mareng.

He was the only child. The family lived between the woods and the sky. They had no house as the whole family flew from one place to the other. This usually was at huge speed. As a baby and toddler Mareng completely relied on his parents. They carried him on one of their backs or necks. When any danger occurred they spewed out huge flames: the flames were orange/red/purple. Just the colour chased most attackers away; if not the flames would get hotter and burn the attackers.

At the age of 6 years Mareng learnt this art from his parents. They first taught him to fly. That was a nice game. He picked it up like birds do: trial and error and small bits at a time. Then his parents brought him a gift: a mirror.
"What is this Mummy?" , Mareng asked.
His parents answered in chorus: "This is a mirror, dearest Mareng. If you look in it, what do you see?"
"Don't know, is it a small Mummy or Daddy perhaps?"
"No silly, it is you- can't you see- when you move you see moving in the mirror as well. And we are going to use it to teach you how to make these nice flames. You must have seen how we made them sometimes."

They took turns in showing him how to move his mouth and tongue. The a was not so difficult. But then it had to be 'oa', this gave a small red flame. And a tiny bit of smoke came with it. They used ei, ie, u, ue, ou, au and y. It was not like school, but more like a visit to a speech therapist. After about two months Mareng knew it all. He could make flames from small to big, smokey or not, and even more colourful than his parents' flames.

Mareng asked his parents: "Where do I go from here please?"
Mum and Dad said: "Go and find some friends to play with and practice carefully with them."
"Where are friends, Mum?"
Mum said: "You are a big boy now, sure you can find some yourself."

Mareng flew around in ever increasing circles. But did not meet any friends at all. Some birds he saw, but they were no fun and too small to play with. He was also scared he might harm the birds unintentionally. So Mareng decided to fly even closer to the ground. Then he saw two kinds of animals trying to play and catch things. He thought these animals were cats and dogs. They looked too nice to try to experiment with with his flames. So Mareng decided to copy their behaviour.

He started throwing medium sized flames to these creatures that were called flies. The flies jumped, screamed and sometimes burned as in an oven. Mareng decided this definitely was fun. He played and played. He produced flames of many colours, some red, some blue, some orange, some purple and yellow as well. He could also do combinations, which made them look like a rainbow.

Time flew by, and soon evening set in. The air cooled and Mareng went wild. More and more flies appeared for him to play with and kill.

This is how the little dragon Mareng invented: DRAGONFLIES. And when it was too dark to continue, he went back home and made a firm resolution to go and play this game every evening.


The art I found with Google, thanks to the maker.
This is written mainly in UK English. Possibly bit of Scottish mixed in.
Many thanks to a few of my friends in this site for helping me with improving the language.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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