Humor Science Fiction posted August 12, 2011

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People you meet on 5th Avenue

Was That a Plane, Ma'am?

by Adri7enne

"I beg your pardon. Have you seen my husband? He was standing right here a minute ago when I went into the shop."

"I don't know, Ma'am. What's he look like?"

"Tall, slim guy. Dressed in blue leotards and a red cape."

"Well, hell! He'd be pretty hard to miss, wouldn't he? You guys going to a costume party?"

"Not at all. Why do you ask?"

"Well, Ma'am, last time I checked, short shorts and a tiara were not regular street wear for New York city on an ordinary Monday."

"Nothing ordinary about today, young man. Don't you know this is the final day of equinox and the day the ancient planet Pluto is going to be dragged away by a dark star?"

"No shit, Ma'am. That's gonna disturb a few scientists, ain't it? Maybe not, though. It ain't even a planet anymore is it? Demoted, now. Just a piece of space junk."

"Well, it's valuable enough to be picked up by a rogue star. The final battle is about to begin. It's going to be epic. If the planet leaves its orbit it's going to drag all kinds of space debris on its way by - including most of the mountain ranges on this lovely globe."

"Wow! So we're going to have earthquakes and exploding volcanoes and...."

"And floods."

"Floods? Hey, let me call my girl friend. We've got a boat. Now, it ain't that big, mind you, but I figure the three of us can fit in it neatly. Let me call her."

"What about my husband?"

"What about him? He ain't here, is he? The way you describe him, Ma'am. It sure sounds like you're married to Superman. And if you are, that dude is long gone. I saw something streaking cross the sky, heading towards the Chrysler Building just before you showed up.

"Was he flying alone?"

"Well, now that you mention it, Ma'am. There was this little chick, hanging onto his arms. Almost looked like he was carrying her."

"Damn that Lois Lane. He swore he was over her."

"They looked pretty friendly, Ma'am. Hey, can I have a closer look at that ring you're holding."

"Don't touch that!"

"Why don't you just let me... Hey! The damn thing gave me a shock!"

"I told you not to touch it. It's electrified."

"What the hell? You're way beyond the usual weirdoes out here on 5th Avenue, know that? Who are you, anyway?"

"I can't answer that. If I did, I'd have to silence you, permanently. Listen. I have to go. You head for high ground. I got a feeling the water's going to rise pretty high this time. This one is going to put a whole new meaning to the word 'flood, unless my husband can derail this dark star. If I can drag him away from Lois Lane, that is."

"Good luck with that Ma'am. Want me to hold your tiara?"

"Stuff it, kid. I hope you're a good swimmer. Tally Ho."

"Damn, look at that broad go. She don't even need a cape....Sue. Hi, Sue. You'll never believe who I just met. No really, guess."

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