Children Poetry posted August 8, 2011

This work has reached the exceptional level
A kid has an endearing adventure with a dragon.

Dragon in My Wagon

by Magic Wand

Myths and Legends Contest Winner 
I walked outside to play today,
and much to my surprise
I saw a sight I never thought
I'd see with my own eyes.

There was a dragon in my wagon,
said he wanted a quick ride
to the park to climb the monkey bars
and slither down the slide.

"Hey, that park is there for kids.
No dragons are allowed."
"But I'm a Dragon kid," said he,
his wings spread high and proud.

Considering his wishful plea
I thought of kids at school.
If I brought a dragon to the park,
they'd all think I was cool.

"OK," I grinned, "But watch your breath.
Don't turn me into toast.
Ya know what would be really fun?
A Dragon wiener roast!"

Off we rolled this sunny day
along Main Avenue.
It wasn't long before some kids
jumped in the wagon, too.

All through the town I pulled my friends
so everyone could see
the dragon in my wagon
was as nice as he could be.

He smiled a lot, his teeth agleam
and nostrils spouting steam.
The Mayor was there, he cheered us on,
And gave us free ice cream.

To the park we came at last,
and watched his joyous grin
as he swooshed down the highest slide
time and time again.

Then to the monkey bars he flew
and swinging by his tail,
gave an upside-down Thumbs-up,
and roared a dragon's wail.

I said goodbye to all the kids
and hurried home to tell
my family of my special day,
it really went quite well.

Sometimes grownups don't believe
the stories kids impart.
They smile and nod but can't conceive
a dragon won my heart.

Writing Prompt
Write a poem about one of the following creatures:
Mermaid/Merman, Fairy, Dragon, Unicorn, Nymph, Pegasus, Goblin, Phoenix or Griffin. Read details for style requirements.

Myths and Legends
Contest Winner


Sometimes kids are frightened by fantasy creatures. This is one they can have fun with.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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