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To Bee or Not to Bee/Told by PW

by Janie King

Bees fascinated Doc and she thought it important to educate everybody she knew to their history and importance. Since I have posted many of her garden stories and some previous stories on bees I felt the need to post this piece because she helped me tie it together with a poem. Her poem was her way of trying to put this great mystery in a visual picture for me and others to see.

To Bee or Not To Bee

Our hive is destroyed, I'm still alive
I'm weary and worn, can I survive?

It happened so quick, at the swing of a stick,
There is no honey, not even a lick.

The smoke of the battle killed it all,
Such big loss went down with the fall.

No buzz do I hear, no bees do I see,
Only I am left, in the shade of the tree.

Oh listen I hear! Oh look to the sky,
The maiden queen to her nuptial flight.

No drones to follow, oh what shall be?
My strength is gone, but still I am free.

Do I have what it takes to challenge this flight?
Oh yes I do, I shall give it my life.

My volunteer efforts are fought with distress,
No time to think, no time to rest.

Beat little wings carry me high,
Catch the wind, don't let me die.

Here in this place she waits for me,
I give myself victoriously.

The thrill of the moment for life beyond,
I close my eyes and sing my last song.

Look at me for all I am,
Is a volunteer who said I can.

Bees start as an egg and go through four stages of growth (Egg, Larva, Pupa, and Adult).

The Queen bee is different from the other bees in that these eggs are fed royal jelly every day of their life where drones and workers are only fed royal jelly for three days. The queen matures in sixteen days, drones in 24 days, and workers in 21 days. This royal jelly is very high in protein, amino acids, and especially pantothenic acid. The queen bee will live 3-7 years while all of the other bees only live 2-3 months.

In the hive the Queen at maturity will lay eggs as a virgin (unfertilized eggs). These eggs hatch as drones, which are the male bees. At this point she will take her one and only trip out of the hive for her nuptial flight. She has powerful strength and sores straight upward to high limits. The drones chase after her and only the strongest drone will mate with her. After mating he dies leaving a lifetime of sperm in her body. She returns to the hive and lays eggs the rest of her life (these eggs become sterile females which become nurses, workers, or guards. The nurse bees care for the eggs. They nourish them and will kill them should the food supply run low. The nurse bee can make another queen bee by feeding the royal jelly continuously to another egg. Guards protect the hive and throw out the workers and drones that don't produce enough honey.

Bees work hard. They gather nectar from flowers (approximately 7,000,000 flower tubes visited produces one pound of honey). Bees wings become worn with the miles and miles of flying. They have a communication by movements of their bodies and wings that directs them to the location of good places to go for good nectar. They are a tight society working together, volunteering themselves to the well-being of the hive.


The poem is used with Doc's permission. It is her creation. The rest of the piece is educational material she shared with me and wished that it be shared with others. This, I am sharing this piece with you. It is educational and ends up producing a great respect for God's creation, the Bee. God bless.
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