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Bobby's anger rears its ugly head.

A chapter in the book Lonely Hearts Meet

Part two Chapter two

by barbara.wilkey

The author has placed a warning on this post for violence.
The author has placed a warning on this post for sexual content.

Anna is a young mother striving to find a way out of an abusive marriage. She meets a stranger, Troy. Troy fights his own demons. Can they help each other find love, or are their struggles too much
Last two paragraphs from the previous post:
Anna parked in her driveway and took a deep breath before she carried Michael into the house. "Bobby, we're home." When she walked through the living room and set her son on the floor, she noticed empty beer cans surrounding his recliner. She called again and still didn't receive an answer.
In the kitchen, she noticed empty cans scattered on the table. He's drunk, again. She opened a drawer and searched for an infant medicine dropper as a large, grease-stained hand grabbed the bottle of pink medicine. Another hand engulfed her arm with dirty fingernails embedded in her arm.
"What's this?" Bobby held the bottle up.

"Michael has an ear infection. It's an antibiotic."

"I told you not to take him to the doctor. We can't afford a doctor every time he cries."

"Both ears are infected. He needed to see a doctor." She yanked her arm from his hold and reached for the bottle. "He needs his first dosage. He can't go to daycare until his temperature's down."

The back of his hand crossed her mouth. "Don't back talk me, woman."

Her hand instinctively flew to the spot where he struck her. She could feel it beginning to swell as the all too familiar pain cut through her lip. "I'm not." She fought off tears and the taste of blood. "I've missed so much work that I don't have any sick days. When I'm not there, they won't pay me. We need money. If Michael has a fever, he can't go to daycare. I know you're too busy to watch him."

"Where'd you get the money?"

"I borrowed it from a friend at work. I'll pay it back."

His hand crossed her face again. "You told a stranger I can't afford medicine for my son."

Her head whipped back from the force. "Bobby, stop!" Tears rolled down her cheeks. "I said I didn't have money with me and left the checkbook at home." She filled the medicine dropper. "I need to give Michael this." She sat on the floor beside the baby and encouraged him to swallow. "Good boy," she said and kissed his cheek.

When she tried to stand, Bobby repeatedly kicked her in the side and stomach. "No woman of mine is gonna disobey me." He grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet. "You need to learn to obey me." The back of his hand left dark red imprints on her face.

"Bobby, stop! Not in front of the baby." Michael's cries turned to screams. "You're scaring him."

Still holding a handful of hair, he slugged her then threw her into the wall. "Get the brat out of here!" He staggered into the kitchen.

Anna slid down the wall, crawled to Michael, and took him in her arms. "Mommy's all right. I'll get you something to eat." She struggled to stand, but fell.

"What are you whining about?" Bobby called from the other room.

"Nothing. I'm going to feed Michael and put him to bed." Anna wiped tears and cringed with pain. She leaned against the wall, using it to help her stand.

"When are you gonna fix my dinner?"

"I'll start it. While it's cooking, I'll feed Michael." Anna picked up the medicine bottle and opened the refrigerator door.

Bobby slammed the door shut. "I told you not to take him to the doctor. Did you listen to me? Hell no. I'll teach you to disobey me." He threw the bottle across the room then grabbed her hair and slapped her. "Do as I tell you when I tell you!" He threw her to the floor, kicked her, and took a drink of beer.

"I won't do it again."

"You're damn right you won't. Stand up, bitch."

Anna struggled, but stood. Bobby threw her against the wall.

She covered her face with her hands as he staggered toward her.

"You're pathetic. I can't stand the sight of you. I'm going out. Dinner better be done before I get back." Bobby found her purse on the corner of the davenport and took the car keys. "You won't listen to me. I'll make sure you stay put." The door slammed behind him.

Anna heard his pick-up start, but suddenly it died off. Soon the door slammed. No, he's changed his mind. Bile entered her mouth as she cowered in the corner and watched him stumble toward her.

He grabbed her hair and yanked her to her feet. "You're my woman and you'll do your wifely duties even if I have to kill you." He drove his fist into her stomach, followed by a backhand to the face. "Strip!"

"Michael's in the other room."

"The hell with that brat." He grabbed her dress and ripped it off. "You're fat, but you're mine." He tore off her bra and panties and threw her to the floor. "Get on your knees." After she struggled to rise, he shoved his penis in her mouth.

Anna gagged.

"Bitch, suck or I'll kill you." Bobby became erect. He shoved Anna to the floor, mounted her, and forced himself into her. He grunted like a pig as sweat poured off him. To Anna's relief, he came.

Bobby lifted himself off Anna. "I'm not finished. I can't concentrate with that damn brat screaming. All you two do is bawl. I'll shut him up for good." Bobby stormed off.

Anna pulled herself up and followed her husband. "Stop! Don't shake him!" She took Michael from him, kissed the top of his head, and drew him to her chest. "I'll take care of him." She turned to shield her son from Bobby. "He needs a diaper change and he's hungry. I'll give him a bottle and put him to bed. After I finish, I'll come back to you."

"Shut him up or I will." He yanked her around, grabbed her lower jaw, and squeezed. "You've got five minutes. I'm not finished." He finished his beer and threw the can at Anna striking her in the head.


Since I'm finished with Chemo, my energy level is slowly rising. I'm still struggling with my hemoglobin dropping. For some reason my protein and potassium levels are still dropping. The doctor's confused about that, but has decided to give them more time to rise before he does futher tests. I'm happy about that. I begin radiation on Wednesday.
As I am posting my Great Pyrenees decided, he needed attention and kept pawing the key board. I don't have a clue how this came out.
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