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an accident caused by a man's carelessness

A Mother's Nightmare

by harleyangelbrat

The year had already started off with a bad bang. It seemed like it just wasn't going to be our year, but I was determined to pray until God gave me the strength to deal with it.

I was scheduled for hernia surgery and that was scary for me, especially since I had seven of them bulging out of my stomach. I had six c-sections and they planned on cutting me in the same spot as that incision. I had only trusted one doctor in my whole life and that was my OB/GYN physician. He had become like family and was even included in our photo album. Doctor Phelan was a phenomenal doctor in every way. I had been abused by doctors as a child and he was the only one I trusted as an adult.

Not too many people were understanding about my phobias, but he was. He told me I had to have that hernia surgery and he even set it up. He promised to be there, right in surgery with me. He never broke his promises and I was relieved to see him before I went under the knife. He stayed right there with me and even checked on me later. Not too many doctors would do that.

So, after my surgery, I experienced more complications than I ever did with my c-sections. It was more painful and I contracted an infection from the hospital. I was trying to recover when one of the worst things happened in my whole life.

My husband and I struggled with six children, but we normally got by with the many blessings from God. Somehow, something would always come through for us. This time, we didn't tell anyone we were experiencing any problems. Our hot water heater broke down and we had to heat water on the stove to fix the kid's baths.

I came home from the hospital on this particular day and couldn't lift the big pot of water for my son's bath, so my husband had to be responsible for it during my recovery. I always put the cold water in first and then added the hot water to make the bath just perfect. My husband wasn't as experienced in doing these things, so he wasn't thinking real clear that day. He boiled the water on the stove and walked it to the bathroom.

The bathroom with a tub had two doors. One went into the hallway and the other went into our bedroom which also had a door that led into the den. I was sitting in the den writing one of my mysteries on an old dinosaur computer sitting on top of a big, heavy metal desk. My two year old was coming up to me saying he wanted a bath. He loved water and I kept reassuring him that daddy would have it ready soon. My husband walked in and out of the bathroom from the hallway and my son walked in immediately afterward through the other door.

When I heard the blood curdling scream, I jumped across that big metal desk without thinking about my surgery. I knew it was serious. The minute I got to the bathroom, seeing my little two year old son hanging over the side of the tub, I just knew his whole face and hands were in that boiling water. I pulled him out immediately, realizing that it was his hands and one wrist. That was obvious by the skin hanging like a glove from each tiny hand. I screamed for my daughter to call 911. I tried running cool water on his hands, but it was so painful. I felt helpless and angry at my husband.

In these situations, you want to blame someone especially if their mistake caused your baby pain. I was frantic watching my baby suffer. I just wanted his pain to stop. I screamed at my husband, asking him why he put the hot water in the tub without any cold water. The whole time I'm screaming, I am trying to soothe my baby's pain. At first touch, he welcomed the cool water, but seconds later, he screamed out in agony.

When the rescue came, I jumped inside to ride with my baby. They were rude at first until they realized I wasn't an abusive mother. I cried and told them they should be ashamed of themselves for giving me such accusing looks when I've raised six children with no accidents. They felt bad when they found out how it really happened and apologized for their accusations.

The hospital was like another nightmare for my little one. He was so exhausted and they sent in some inexperienced nurse to put an IV in to administer the morphine. He kept jabbing him, unable to get the needle in the right place. I grabbed the IV from him and told him to get someone who knows what they're doing. I wanted my son to have relief NOW! He said something rude and I said, “How would you feel if it was your baby that some nurse was jabbing over and over again?” He shut up and apologized later.

The nurse came in and put the IV right in. After a few minutes, he fell asleep. I was relieved that he slept, but devastated that he would jump up every few minutes, raising his tiny burnt hands in the air, screaming.

The doctor finally came in and they had to clean his burns and wrap both hands and one wrist up. It looked awful and he was in the hospital for several days. I stayed by his side the whole time, watching him suffer. My husband rarely came, but I still wanted him to see what a terrible mistake can cause. It wasn't his first mistake that caused little Sam to suffer, so I wanted him to learn to be more cautious.

Just a month before, he had placed a glass dish full of french fries on the table after I had always told him to never give the kids glass dishes. Sam received 42 stitches because of that mistake. It made me realize why those guys in the rescue thought the worst. I thought about that as I was explaining my husband's carelessness and how I had kept my babies safe all their lives. I remembered that one of them called my husband stupid and I didn't take up for him. I realized later that I didn't react like I should have.

After Sam was released, he went through weeks of therapy to debris his hands and wrist. I had to take my bathing suit with me because I was instructed to get into the big tub with him and hold him. I watched as he suffered through the first few times. After that, it wasn't so painful anymore and he seemed like he didn't dread it as much. My mind still stayed on the fact that my husband wasn't experiencing any of this. I didn't keep my eyes on the Lord and became bitter towards him at first. God showed me that this was not the right way to react.

I forgave him for his mistakes and told him that I was very sorry I screamed and blamed him for the accident. It was then that I realized he was blaming himself enough. It hurt him to see the bandages and he cried like a baby when he finally talked about it. I felt terrible for making his pain worse. He spent a lot of time with our son after that, which was good in some ways, but he neglected our other children in the process.

So, this was one of the most difficult times in my life. I've had a lot happen and dealt with a lot of tragedy, but this one stands out in my mind. My son doesn't even remember it at age 16 and I'm glad. I wish I was capable of forgetting a lot of sad and difficult times, but for a mother, things like this always stay somewhere in our minds. I always hoped I could protect all of them, but sometimes things just happen. I thank God for always being with me through the bad and the good.

An Incredibly difficult event writing prompt entry
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Many things can happen in a mother's life, but when it hurts her child, she never forgets it.
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