Spiritual Poetry posted January 16, 2011

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Poem honoring all Vietnam Vets - See author notes

Welcome Home

by Judith Ann

Upon return from Vietnam
There was little celebration
No praises cheers or thank you
From a most "grateful nation"
Our military heroes instead
Were jeered and spit upon
Their blood, sweat and tears were spilled
In the jungles of Saigon
College students protested
Causing pain for many a mother
Never did they say to them
"Welcome home, my brother"

Soldiers arrived in many ports
Searching out family from home
Boldly they scanned the horizon
And promised never to roam
From the home that they all loved
And defended with such zest
These warrior and heroes
Truly the best of the best
Civilians often would jeer them
One soldier after another
Never did they say to them
"Welcome home, my brother"

My man loved his country
Felt pride for the Marine Corp
Knowing full well his service
Kept enemies from home shore
He tolerated his critics
When they voiced their sad disdain
Acknowledging their freedom
To shout and to complain
Though he respected their rights
Their voice he'd never smother
Never did they say to him
"Welcome home, my brother"

Though some were not grateful
He'd proudly do it again
He'd take his place upon "the wall"
He would guard and he'd defend
Always faithful, semper fi
Was his loud battle cry
And once God got hold of this Marine
It was boldly do or die
Forgiveness he would practice
No grudges of another
Tho' never did they say to him
"Welcome home, my brother"

He shared his story often
And told it oh, so well
His witness was a testimony
Of a cold and worldly hell
Once he surrendered all to God
A new creation was surely born
He emerged a mighty man of God
New allegiance now took form
The few, the proud, described the man
His heart is like no other
Tho' never did they say to him
"Welcome home, my brother"

And now some have voiced the words
Returning soldiers long to hear
Thank you for serving, welcome home,
It's good to have you here
Out-stretched hands invited
Some hugs and back-slaps too
Spoke silent words of sorrow
For harsh treatment so undue
One day when the Father calls you home,
Whether this day or another
Jesus will be waiting with a
"Welcome home my brother"

Poem of the Month contest entry


My Marine is in the biggest battle of his life, a battle with cancer. The prognosis for life in this world is not positive, but the outlook for life with Jesus is right around the corner. This poem is a tribute to his love of God, family and country.
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