General Poetry posted October 11, 2010

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A search inside ones own heart and soul.

What Have I Done So Wrong?

by Catherin Elizabet Belle

Human eyes scan from the top of my long blond hair
To the tip of my sandaled feet, then with a flick of their eyes
And a turn of their heads, dismiss me as unworthy
Without a friendly smile or kindly goodbyes.

They leave me standing in the sultry sea breeze,
Replaying the pale encounter frame by frame, probing my mind
For the cause of the icy chill seeping through steamy
Summer air asking, what is wrong with me, am I so blind.

I try to live a Christian life, being kind to my fellow man,
I don't cuss or swear; I don't cheat or lie;
Or covet what others have. Yet, not a friend do I have;
Though, I live by the rules on high.

I don't talk behind their backs or say things I don't mean;
And when I ask "How are your?" I really want to know.
I'm always willing to give a hand, a kind word, or
A compliment my friendliness to show.

Yet, find myself standing in the solitude of open space,
Wondering what I did to send the humans far away;
As I stand solo in the sweltering heat of August days
Closing my questioning eyes, I silently pray;

Forgive them Lord for their judgment, so quickly made
Without looking inside where the heart abides;
Though the body may be poorly wrapped or glistening
With jewels, until you peel away the outer sides,

You will not find the treasures hidden in the soul,
Or bursting through the heart begging to be free;
I hate to think a human life full of regrets because
They failed to look inside the packaging to see

An understanding, compassionate heart full of love,
A soul teeming with forgiveness, full of laughter and song;
Yet, the humans fail to see what hides deep inside, as
Hearts will never know what the eyes weigh wrong.

I do not fault them for their snub; they're really not to blame:
Yet, as I stand in the warmth of day feeling the chill, I wonder
As I look deep inside my soul searching for a clue;
Please tell my Lord, as through this life I blunder,

"What have I done so wrong?"


To find one's true self one must honestly look inside one's own heart and soul. Thank you, jgrace, for the use of this beautiful picture. It seemed to express the quandary asked in the poem.
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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