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The man takes her to a home

A chapter in the book The Starting Point

Time has come

by wierdgrace

halliday, thank you so much
The man was wild,as he was told of her pregnancy, he knocked the girl around. She insisted she did not know and took the pill regularly.

She cowered on the floor, as the man plundered it into her not to say a word.

He took her to the home that took anyone pregnant, selling the babies on the black market.

The mothers of the babies never saw their child and left the place after three days but the doctor was wrong, the girl was there for about three and a half months before she went into labor, she was big with child, or children.

The home was excited, as they figured it to be triplets, they would really make money off these babies. No one told the girl and she did not care, just anxious to get it over and be in good grace with the boss again, just an enormous stomach to get rid of.

She woke up late at night with sharp pains shooting through her back and stomach, nine months to the night the stranger had left his deposit.
They put her in a room to herself the last three weeks.

It had a buzzer she could push to wake the head nurse up if needed.

The girl was rushed to the delivery room, the last thing the girl heard the nurse say to her was, "Well your time has come, three days and you will be home again."

next chapter coming, made short for a reason...first draft, hope you have read this from the beginning.
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