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The Man, her boss, arrives

A chapter in the book The Starting Point

The Girl Makes $500

by wierdgrace

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The next morning about 11 a.m., someone tapped on the door, a man's voice said, "Girl git up, its time," and you could hear him as he went down the hall with loud pounding and his get up orders.

The girl was up and dressed in moments, looking at the money she had, she would be in the man's favor now for sure. None of the other girls ever made a score like that before.

After the excitement died down the man questioned her, "Are you sure you didn't steal this? You know if you did it could get us all in trouble."

The girl told him about the fog of the night before, described the person and about the last thing she remembered, then waking up and the money n the dresser. The man believed her; she was too dumb to lie.

He told her, "You have the day off, you can go to the beach or shopping," and gave her ten dollars, "then tonight you take the stroll and see if this guy comes back."

She was the envy of all the girls, went window-shopping, as ten dollars only bought her a soda. So she went swimming that day.

As he told her, she waited on the streets that night, but the stranger was gone, and never seen again.

Time went on in the old months later, the man told the girl,

"You better go on a diet, you are getting fat, and no one wants a fat prostitute."

Then he forgot it, as he had too many girls to look after without watching this dumb one.

The girl knew she was getting fat and afraid to tell anyone. So she borrowed some of the heavier girls dresses to wear.

"Can I borrow this to wear?" she asked.

"Sure," was the answer, "You can have it, I don't want it anyway."

Five months went by, one of the girls picked up the disease V.D., and so the man had to take all twenty of them in to a doctor to get a clean bill of health.

The girl was scared, as she was heavy in the hips and stomach now.

The doctor called the man in, "Well, you are in trouble, the young one is pregnant, too late to take it, she may be like seven months, and I would say more than one, you better get her out of there and put her in a girl's home, here is an address."

More excitement in your first draft, more to come tomorrow I hope.
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