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Shocked by his visit

A chapter in the book Bottom of the Loch

Gramps Meets Nick

by wierdgrace

She talked to her Grandpa about the boy she had met and all the fun as she cooked, she would hear a grunt from him now and then, and then she led him to the table, "Come on now and eat."

The old man cleaned his plate like a good child, then looked up and said, "Bonnie you are so pretty."

Bonnie blushed. She could see she had his attention now.

"Do you know anyone by the name of Nick?" she asked.

Grandpa said, "Nick, Nick. Well I do believe I have heard the name before."

She then once more told him about the friend she had met, he listened for a while, and then his eyes closed.

"Grandpa, do you know Nick?"

He repeated the name again and then his eyes opened wide.

"Maybe that is the carpenter that built that house on the island," he said.

"Yes, I am sure that was his name."

That was all Bonnie got out of him as he dozed off again, so she gave it up.
All gramps was interested in was his glower garden outside where he puttered around and his house where he lived in the past.

At times Bonnie felt he didn't even know she was there, but she took care of him and that's all that mattered.

Nick came out of the lake every day and they were becoming very close now. Bonnie was falling in love with him. Sometimes when she got to the beach, he was already there.

He could not seem to stay out of the water very long, every half hour he would say, "Let's go in the water," and if Bonnie didn't want to, he would just dive in and out of sight of the land. Only stay in like five minutes and then back with her on the blanket.

She offered to bring him a lunch down to the beach and he said, "No thank you. I have to go see if my place is alright," and told her a tale that he watched the place while his mom and dad worked, so he never ate with her.

Grandpa, to their surprise, one day came hobbling down to the beach, "Oh, there you are Bonnie," he said, shocking them both.

They sprang apart as they had been clasped in each other's arms. Gramps didn't seem to notice and he just said, "You are alright aren't you?"

Bonnie introduced Nick to Gramps but the old man now had lost interest and was talking to his dead wife.

"See honey she is okay," and he left going once more to his beloved garden.

Bonnie told Nick, "He is very old and thinks I am his wife who died many years ago, sometimes.

Everyone thought he was like 87 years old, but I have seen in the old Bible at the house that Gramps is close to 100 years old, but he is healthy and I love him very much."

Nick had nothing to say and shortly after that he said he had to leave.


First draft hope you are enjoying, thank you for the picture Celia Claase
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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