Horror and Thriller Fiction posted April 28, 2010

This work has reached the exceptional level
A married woman settles the score.

The Plan

by Mastery

A novel idea... Contest Winner 

Renee Bullinger made a list of things for which she had forgiven Blair, or overlooked because he was a congressman and being married to a politician was important. The inventory included his annoying table manners, his rudeness to her friends and relatives, the poo-pooing of her religious beliefs, his violent jealousy, his cheap and repeated adulteries, his premature ejaculation and of course his rotten choice of after-shave.

Renee weighed these against the benefits of being Mrs. Blair Bullinger Jr., which included a fine late model car, a mansion, invitations to all society events, a yearly trip to Hawaii with the local bar association, and the occasional extravagant gift, such as the diamond pendant she now admired in the vanity mirror.

She never thought of herself as a shallow or materialistic woman, but the possibility dawned on her. Blair was quite the unrepentant sinner, yet, for seven years, Renee had put up with it. She'd spent little time trying to change him, but allowed herself to be intimidated by his caustic tongue and appeased by presents. Ignoring what he did became easier than arguing about it.

Many Sundays she'd gone to church and asked God what to do, and at no time had He specifically counseled her to start an affair with a limo driver from Oyster Bay. But that's what happened. It had caught Renee totally by surprise and left her powerless to resist--like one of her uncontrollable cravings for Godiva chocolate, only a hundred times stronger. The moment she'd laid eyes on Craig Gannett, she knew what would happen . . .

Craig Gannett was the first man she had ever seduced, if that's what you call a blow job in the front seat of a limo.

Now, looking back on those wild and guilt-ridden weeks, Renee knew the purpose. Everything happens for a reason--a divine force had brought Craig into her life. God was trying to tell her something: that there were good men out there, decent and caring men whom Renee could trust. And while He probably did not intend for her to have torrid reckless sex with the first man she met, Renee hoped He would understand.

The important thing was that Craig Gannett made her realize she could get by without the lying snake. All she needed was some self-confidence, a reordering of priorities and the courage to be honest about the empty relationship with her husband.

Renee could no longer tolerate the bastard if she hoped to save herself. More and more she realized Craig was right. Blair had to go.

A novel idea...
Contest Winner


This contest required us to start a novel. This is indeed no more than a start. An idea that has been floating around in my tiny brain for awhile. Thank you, Mino Yasue for the artwork. Bob
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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