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A chapter in the book Ghost Town USA

Ghost Town, The end

by wierdgrace

Her Aunt Emily was worried to death about her niece. When she hadn't shown up after five days, she called the apartment back east, no answer.

Then she checked with the manager and found out Wilma's left when she said she was leaving.

However, her aunt had had no word or call from her since she had called and said she was leaving.

Aunt Emily called the Police and they said, "Give her a few more days, as she may have gotten tired from the long drive and stayed over a few days somewhere to rest."

The Aunt didn't think so but she waited. After a week, she put out a missing persons report. Then a man that had taken the wrong turn in the road, like Wilma did, came across her car.

He wrote down the license plate number and the name and he could see all of her luggage was still there, also that the car was out of gas. He turned around and went back.

A sign that had been across the road had blown over and it said, "road Closed."

So he went the other way, came to a service station, and reported the car he had discovered. The police got right on it and sent others out to check the car.

They followed the road that Wilma had walked on, coming to the old faded sign that said, "Ghost Town, U.S.A." They drove in, the first cars that had driven there in years.

Inside the old Hotel and dance hall they found Wilma. She was sleeping on the dirty burlap sack. They carried her out and took her to a hospital. She was dehydrated but recovered in a few days.

She told the police about the spring water she had found. They checked the entire Ghost Town out and no water of any kind was found and no people. The upstairs was worse than downstairs.

Doctors, police, and everyone else figured it was all just delirium from the heat.

But in checking the history on the Ghost Town, they discovered there had been a Lillian there, a famous dance hall girl.

The doctors told them, "she is not dehydrated enough to have been out in the desert that long."

Wilma went back with her Aunt to her home. She was in perfect health and drove her car. She still insisted it had happened! What do you think?
Another Ghost Town Mystery, unsolved so far. Another story later.

A ghost story, hope you enjoyed, add more later when I catch up,
Pays one point and 2 member cents.

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