Spiritual Poetry posted March 23, 2010

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Australian Aboriginal legend (3)

Why Emu Can't Fly

by Aussie

In Dreaming Time past; Emu flew fast
Big strong bird flew so high
Emu flew better than Eagle in sky.

Dinewan Emu stamped his foot
Red earth beneath fairly shook.

Goomblegubbon Brush Turkey; he a sook
Jealous of Dinewan; way he look.
I fix that bird; no more he flies.
Goomblegubbon Brush Turkey tells some lies.

He waits until Emu sitting down
"Got special ways make you proud
No need for wings - flying high."
Goomblegubbon cackled; told his lie.

Dinewan Emu cut off his wings with tomahawk; no more fly.
His legs grew strong - challenged Goomblegubbon to a race
Brush Turkey lagged behind; spread his wings, set the pace.

"Old man Emu you not so smart; got no wings; lose face.
Dinewan Emu sooked for a year; hatched a plan of his own.

"Why you look so bad?" Sickly sweet his tone.
"Fed up feeding all my chicks," Goomblegubbon shed a tear.
Dinewan Emu told a lie.
"Keep two strong chicks - kill the rest."
Emu grinned and beat his chest.
Days went by since Dinewan Emu told that lie.

Goomblegubbon with two strong chicks happened by.
Dinewan laughed and laughed at poor Goomblegubbon

"A bird's strength lies not in his ability to use his wings
Silly Goomblegubbon, strength is in your offsprings."


Australian Aboriginal way of talking: Now you know why Emu's can't fly and Brush Turkey (Bustard bird) only lay two eggs per year.
Sook or sooking - act like a baby, sad and down cast.
Tomahawk - small axe.
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