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A lesson about making a mess.....

Better Watch Out For The Bears!

by Begin Again

A huge sigh escaped Goldie's lips as she surveyed her work. She'd spent all afternoon planting and weeding her new garden with neat little rows of lettuce, carrots, onions and radishes. Sweat trickled down her face and back. Satisfied, she gathered her tools and headed toward her house with thoughts of cool lemonade and a nice place to rest.

As she walked into her clean kitchen, she stopped and stared in disbelief. Cupboard doors stood open with boxes of cereal scattered on the counter. Spilled milk puddled on the floor in front of the refrigerator. Three empty bowls sat amidst the donut box and the milk carton. The kitchen was a disaster.

"Oh, who spilled this milk on my clean kitchen floor?" Goldie exclaimed.

"Who ate all the cereal and left the empty bowls?" she sighed.

Remembering how thirsty she was, she opened the refrigerator and reached for the pitcher of lemonade.

"Oh, no!" She moaned. "It's empty, too!"

Getting a glass of cold water from the tap, she walked into the front room to rest. A man was selling vacuum cleaners on the television. Music was blasting from the stereo. The telephone was ringing. Goldie couldn't believe the mess.

An orange tabby cat sprawled lazily across her favorite chair, soaking in the sunshine. "Bailey, you're sleeping in my chair," she said as she patted his soft head.

She turned toward the matching chair, eager to sit and rest. "Who left all these blankets and pillows piled in the chair?" she sighed.

Max, an over-grown lap dog, lifted his head from the couch, his big pink tongue hanging from his mouth. "Max, you're too big for the couch. You'll break it." She gently scolded him, because Max was a hundred pound Great Dane.

There was no place to rest her weary bones in the front room so she slowly climbed the stairs.

Stopping at the first bedroom, she pushed open the door. The closet doors stood open. The bed was unmade. Clothes were scattered everywhere. Goldie shook her head.

"That bedroom is quite a mess," she mumbled before shuffling down the hallway.

At the second bedroom door, she listened for any sound. Not hearing anything, she quietly entered. A smiling face on the computer screen greeted her. The bed was empty, but its pretty comforter was lying on the floor. A board game was spread out on top of it.

"Well, no one is sleeping there." Goldie closed the door behind her.

A teddy bear was lying in the hallway and she picked it up. A pair of dark brown eyes stared back at her. Memories of long, long ago popped into her head. A time when she'd left someone's house a mess.

The last closed door with its king size bed and soft comforter was hers. She opened the door and stopped. Three pajama clad girls were sound asleep in her bed, Goldie's two daughters and a friend.

Goldie had worked hard in the garden. She was tired and thirsty. Her house was a disaster. Angrily, she growled, "Wake up! My house is a mess!"

The three curly heads popped up at the same time, scrambling from Goldie's bed.

The head covered with a mass of auburn curls was first to speak. "Oh, I better be going home. It's getting late."

The second head pushed her blond curls from her eyes, "Mommy, we fell asleep in your bed. It's so big and soft."

The third head groggily slid from the huge bed and shuffled toward the door. "I'm going back to sleep in my room."

Goldie stood with her hands folded across her chest, blocking the doorway.

"I've been working all day in the garden while three little girls have been having fun in the house. Now I am going to rest while you clean up the mess you made."

"But, my mother ..."

"Don't worry. I'll call your mom and explain."

"But, Mommy, I'm tired," the second little girl explained.

"And you can go to bed early tonight, but first you have a kitchen to clean."

"Can't we do it later, Mommy?" the third little girl begged.

Goldie looked down the hallway, around the room, and then leaned closer to the girls. "Have you heard the story about Goldilocks and the three bears?"

The three little girls nodded their heads.

"Well, I heard they are still looking for naughty little girls. Might even be on this street, I think. Papa and Mama Bear were very mad when they found their house a mess."

Three pairs of eyes flew wide open and they looked around the room.
"I'll clean the kitchen," the first little girl said.

"I'll clean the front room," the second little girl called out.

"I'll clean the bedroom," the sleepy eyed one offered as she rubbed her eyes.

"Good girls." As the three little girls scurried off to clean, Goldie collapsed in the chair with a smile on her face. She called after them, "I'll watch for the bears."


After making all the food, setting all the tables, and cleaning up after Thanksgiving...the these thoughts of my guests came into my head....Help would always have been welcomed. Smiles....maybe we are never too old to learn that lesson!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears") is a children's story first recorded in narrative form by English author and poet Robert Southey and first published in a volume of his writings in 1837. This is my modern take.
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