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Tanisha's mother and friend come over

A chapter in the book Ms. N.O.R.T.

Hoochie Momma momma

by Deejharrington

Our heroine, Tanisha is a sixth grade girl who is just recovering from the sudden death of her favorite teacher. She is put in charge of Walter, a young man who has survived Katrina. Tanisha fights wi
Chapter Fourteen: "Hoochie Coochie Momma"

I don't know why I let myself get all bothered by my momma.  After all this time, you'd think I'd learn.  I mean after twelve years of disappointments and broken promises, you'd think I'd know better.  But oh no, not me.  I got myself all worked up for an evening of "Yes, ma'am" and "No, ma'am."  And what does my momma do? She shows up an hour late, dragging with her one of her "gentlemen friends."

Momma struts in and starts grabbin' food with her fingers.  She starts gabbin' about how they don't have time, oh yeah, and this is Raymond Lee, Ra Ra. He says nothing, just nods at us.  Momma keeps talkin', saying that they have no time to sit and eat a meal with me and Big Momma.  And how some big time rapper is appearing at the club tonight that she just has to see and how she knows we understand how important this is to her and the bored-to-death looking Ra Ra. But how the club is charging twenty a head cover and how Big Momma can surely loan her the money and how she'll pay her back at the beginning of the month when she gets her child support check.(my support)

Momma doesn't seem to even take a breath during her speech.  But she's grabbing food and stuffin' it in her mouth the whole time.

Big Momma says nothin'. She just looks. She stares at momma in her gold shiny "hoochie-momma" dress. Big Momma doesn't miss a thing from Momma's three inch acrylic nails to her five inch platform plastic heels.  Big Momma switches her gaze to Ra Ra.  She starts at the top with his sculptured fade to the gold grill in his mouth and then to his pants baggin' below his knees to his two-hundred dollar Jordon's.

Only I can see her look of disgust and disappointment as she turns away.  "I ain't got no money for you two." Big Momma says real quiet. Momma cocks her neck and her hip. She waves those daggers nails at us and says, "Old lady, you always has money stashed in this house, so don't give me that shit. Maybe I should take Tanisha with me and Ra Ra to the club. Yeah, it'd do her good to see what it's like to have real fun. Get her out of this funeral parlor of a home."

Momma smiles at me like a shark and starts fussin' with my hair. She asks me if wouldn't I like it straightened so I could have "good" hair? "Do I have a real short skirt to wear to the club?" she asks me.

At that, Big Momma loudly shoves her chair back and stomps over to the cupboard above the stove.  She keeps her back to us so we can't see what she's doin'. But when she turns around, she pushes a couple of twenties at Momma.  Momma puts the money in her bra and turns to talk to Ra Ra. "See? What'a I tell ya? My old lady always has cash in the house."

I'm thinking Big Momma had better change the locks on all the doors. Ra Ra gives the rooms a once over as they make their way to the front door. They almost make it out when Momma says, "Snap! I almost forgot. This came to the house." With that, she tosses a letter towards the table.  Big Momma and I look at it. But Momma is still yappin',"and if'en they want me to come to some kind of meeting at school, you can just get that outa your brainy head. I ain't wasting my time at that place." She points a red-colored dagger at me and says, "And you, your chubby self can just stay where you're at. Or maybe they'll believe the old lady here is your momma and let you back in."  At that, both Momma and Ra Ra begin laughing like stupid hyenas and waltz out the door.

Big Momma and I jump as it loudly slams shut. It seems to bring us back to ourselves. She starts to clean off the table of the almost untouched dinner. I tear open the envelope that Momma tossed at me. The first thing I notice is that it's dated almost a week ago.  I say a small cuss word under my breath. Big Momma, standing at the sink, mumbles "Amen, amen." That gets a small smile from me that quickly turns into a frown as I read on. The letter is from Mr. Simon, the principal. He has scheduled a meeting with me. Momma, him, and Ms Nort. It was going to happen tomorrow morning at eight am. I said a much worse swear word in my head.


Tahisha's mother and friend come late to dinner and really only want money
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