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My sister enjoyed seeing everyone dance their own

Suzy's Dance

by Deejharrington

Suzy died suddenly on August 28, 2003. Her greatest joy in life was watching others learn to "dance." I don't mean the waltz or ballet. She wanted to see all those she touched grow and stretch, to be the best they could be.

I like to think she honed her mothering techniques on me. Our mother had to pick up a job when I was five years old. In the 1950's, that was just this side of unseemly.  My sister Suzy was seven years older than I, so I guess she felt it was up to her to pick up the slack. And boy, did she ever! I remember the fight over my first pair of high-heeled dress shoes. Not me and mom, but her and mom! Suzy thought I was too young! 

Through the years she perfected her mothering skills. Until while I was in college (yeah, she was still doing it) a miracle happened. My niece was born! Now Suzy had her very own baby to baby! She'd leave me alone. Fat chance! She just expanded her network!

After a few years, Suzy went back to college herself. She received her teaching degree and license to mother the cities' children and get paid for it. In all my years as a teacher, I have rarely witnessed a more caring and devoted educator than my sister.

All of this I knew in my heart, but at her celebration of life the tears of realization couldn't be stopped. In that butterfly garden of the Kalamazoo Nature Center, child and adult came to the microphone to give witness to my sister's influence in their lives. I came to truly see how deeply my sister had taken her mission in life. She needed to nurture and love all she came in contact with and to help them to learn to "dance."

If you are very lucky in life, you have a "Suzy" in your circle of friends or family.  Judgment or censorship was never a part of her influence.  She saw the beauty in everyone's individual dance. 

At the end of the ceremony, they played a couple of meaningful songs in Sue's memory.  One of the most deeply felt was, "May you dance."

I know to this day, Suzy is here encouraging all to "dance"
She would want you to dance to your own tune as if nobody was watching. Don't care if you don't know all the steps and moves, just dance.  It is a celebration of life. When we move our bodies through space and air, our minds are free to be ourselves.  Watch a child twirl and spin when she is all alone.  She hums her own song and moves to that inner music. It is the dance of her life. May we all never forget to dance our life dance, sing our own song, and celebrate every moment we have been given.

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